Document Routing and Approval

Manage the document approval process with workflow management.


If you're looking for a better way to handle document reviews and approvals, Integrify can help.

Document routing, review, and approval are a headache for many businesses. Anyone who's attempted to circulate a document for approval among a group, small or large, has been frustrated by the process. Whether it's a contract review, project approval, or a piece of marketing collateral for approval, the experience of routing and tracking document approvals is usually manual and involves a lot of emails.

With a document approval system like Integrify, you can quickly build custom approval routing workflows that automate all the typically painful steps of routing and tracking documents. Plus, once the process is complete, the final documents can be pushed into your document management system.

By streamlining your entire approval process, you can start projects earlier, reduce errors, and meet deadlines more consistently. In addition, all the activity and documents routed throughout the process will be available as part of a permanent audit trail. This is critical for businesses in highly regulated industries.

Document Approval Workflow

Documents can be submitted via a custom Web form for approval and required information. Routing is based on preset rules you configure. Team members can collaborate and share information as well as upload documents. Once approved, the document can be pushed into any document management system, including SharePoint.

document approval workflow

Benefits of Document Workflow

  • Complete visibility into the status of any document submitted for approval.
  • Custom routing and workflow based on your department or organization's needs.
  • Set automated alerts and reminders for any part of the process.
  • Sequential or parallel routing.
  • Single or group approvals.
  • Automatically maintain a complete audit trail of all activity and communication.

Document Approval Example: Contracts

Integrify can be used to manage any document-related workflow. Here, we give a demonstration of a Contract Review and Approval Workflow. This includes forms to collect information, attach documents, route reviews, and provide approval options. 

Launch Approvals Via Email

email monitor document approvalsWhile forms are the most common way to submit documents and accompanying information, other methods like email can also initiate document reviews. For instance, when a document is emailed to a single or group email account with attachments, those attachments can be pulled into an automatically launched workflow process. In addition, metadata can be pulled into the process, including:

  • Subject Line
  • Sender Name/address
  • Date/Time
  • Body text
  • CC'd addresses

Interested in Automating Your Document Approval Process?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to an automated document workflow.

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Automate Any Document Routing Process

To see how quickly you can begin automating your business processes, check out our 2-minute product video.

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