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Job Requisition Process Automation Reduces Time to Hire

job requisition process

What Is a Job Requisition?

The meaning of “job requisition” is, to put it plainly, business-speak for hiring a new employee. At all but the smallest businesses, you can't just decide that you need a new employee and post the listing on Indeed (or your preferred job board) immediately. A job requisition will be a formal request to all relevant parties (HR, hiring managers, and the like) to start the hiring process, letting them know to fill out the relevant paperwork, make room in the budget, etc.

Frequently called “job reqs,” the job requisition process can be a sometimes frustrating part of the hiring and talent acquisition process, but it is a critical one that ensures the company is all on the same page as it comes time to grow your team. Any competent hiring process will include a job requisition, meaning your department is fully prepared for everything that comes with finding, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new personnel. 

Now that we've discussed the meaning of “job requisition”, in this post, we will look at common challenges with job requisitions, how to use job requisition template forms to standardize and expedite the process, and give some examples of how Integrify can be used to build these forms.

Job Requisition Challenges

The requisition process can be an inefficient and manual workflow nightmare. Department managers needing additional resources conduct the interview process and generate offers using whatever method they're comfortable with and move forward as they see fit. This can cause headaches for HR teams whose standard processes are often ignored for hiring speed.

But bringing on new employees involves performing background checks, ordering supplies, creating network access and e-mail accounts, setting up phone service, scheduling orientation, choosing benefits, and countless other details.

Unfortunately, many critical hiring tasks are skipped, leading to delays (ironically), mistakes, compliance issues, and a frustrating onboarding experience for the new employee.

Automating the Job Requisition Process

Using Integrify for the employee requisition and onboarding process, everyone from the hiring manager to the entire HR staff and executive team has visibility to all tasks as they are performed before, during, and after the process. All involved departments, including Information Technology, Facilities, Finance, and Accounting, are pulled into the process as needed.

Through a smart Web-based job requisition form, the entire hiring approval chain is documented, and additional information (new user accounts, system access, fulfillment dates, benefits packages, training schedules) needed by each group is obtained and attached to the request. You can use different job requisition form templates for other roles, levels of seniority, and departments.

Each relevant group is assigned tasks and automatically notified when action needs to be taken. This could include setting up system access, issuing ID cards, providing NDAs for signature, etc. Tasks that are common for one group of employees but not needed for another (for instance, high-level IT access for the C-Suite) can all be included on different job requisition forms, meaning there's less risk of the new hire starting their first day only to find they don’t have any of the access they need to get their job done.

Hiring managers can check in on progress, and escalation is automatically initiated with pre-defined business rules. If an approver is unavailable to make an approval or complete a task, the system can automatically escalate the process to backups.

Through things like our job requisition template forms, Integrify drastically reduces the need for HR and managers in the field to call everyone for status updates, and it cuts approval time for new hires from weeks to days (sometimes hours), and eliminates errors in the process.

Example of a Job Requisition Form


Implementing the Job Requisition Workflow

Our self-service employee portal allows end-users (managers, employees, HR staff, etc.) to submit, approve, and track any new job requisition. The company assigns process administrators to Integrify to implement the process rules and any job requisition forms that will be used to gather information. Integrify automatically sends approval notifications to the right people, reducing the chances of confusion while maintaining the request's current status.

Integrify can integrate with external systems (HRIS, ERP, CRM, etc.) to reduce the need for re-entering information gathered in a job request.

Automated Requisition Process Example

job requisition process example
Example of a Job Requisition Form built with Integrify (Click for Larger).

We have an app for that! Download our New Hire App from the Process App library, import it into Integrify, and roll out a new hire process quickly.

Interested in Automating Job Requisitions?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to an automated new hire requisition workflow. 

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