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CapEx Approvals are critical to the operation and growth of your organization. Integrify is the only workflow and approval software that allows users to easily define, build, and publish customized capital expenditure request processes. Have a new, customized CapEx approval process up and running within weeks, not months. Use one of our CapEx approval templates to get a headstart on automating your process.

Benefits of Automating CapEx Approval Workflow

  • Reduce request, review, and approval time
  • Streamline and standardize processes across multiple cost centers/geographies
  • Eliminate error-prone manual or spreadsheet systems
  • Compare planned spend vs. actual spend
  • Provide a clear and complete  audit trail of all activities
  • Analyze and report on process performance
  • Identify approval process bottlenecks
  • Share CapEx data with existing Finance, ERP, and other enterprise systems
  • Collaborate with key personnel during the approval process
  • Enable regulatory and organizational compliance

Watch our full CapEx/AFE Automation Demo Video

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How Integrify Manages CapEx/AFE Approvals

Below is an example of a fairly simple CapEx Approval Process. Note the multi-step approval process from facility to CFO to CEO. Your process could involve even more steps/logic than this.

capex/afe process design

Example of a CapEx workflow. Click for larger.

Below is an example of a forecasting report built-in Integrify and tied to the previous process. Reports can include calculations and refer to tables or existing enterprise finance software.

capex forecasting
Example of a CapEx forecasting report in Integrify (Click for Larger).

Integrify has worked with some of the largest companies in the world to develop sophisticated CapEx and AFE processes that have transformed manual, outdated processes into streamlined, audit-friendly workflows. Our software allows organizations (or our experienced service team) to build custom, automated processes that support your unique way of working, rather than trying to shoehorn you into a pre-built solution.

We have a template for that! Get a headstart on automating your CapEx Process with our CapEx process template. Just import the template, customize, and launch your new process.

Check Out the Template

CapEx Approval Workflow Features

  • Live calculations displayed in CapEx entry forms
  • Dynamic line-item tables for data entry
  • KPI tracking for all CapEx process steps
  • Organizational hierarchy-driven approvals    
  • Sequential or parallel approvals    
  • Manager approval by email or mobile device    
  • Escalations based on inactivity    
  • Escalations based on due dates    
  • Add file attachments    
  • Complete audit trail    
  • Manager-driven re-routing    
  • Designated alternate approvers    
  • Route by amount, department or any CapEx data    
  • Ad-Hoc approvals    
  • Accounting system integration

Interested in Automating Your CapEx/AFE Approval Workflow?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to an automated workflow. 

Preparing for CapEx Automation

Preparing for CapEx Automation

Find out what to expect and how to organize the project, including:

  • Process Planning
  • How to Document
  • Outlining and Designing the Workflow
  • Building an Approval Matrix
  • Building Forms
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Tips for Change Management
  • Loads of examples and templates to steal

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