Workflow Design Tools

Workflow design tools can help business users rapidly plan and automate workflow

Workflow Design Tools Are Transforming Manual Processes Every Day

Wouldn't it be great if you could take a current business process, lay it out visually, and then just...turn it on? No more confusion, emails, Excel spreadsheets, shared documents, or, gasp(!), paper forms. You just draw what you want to happen and suddenly everyone knows what they need to do.

Business people are doing this every day with workflow design tools built into workflow automation systems. Tools like LucidChart, Creately, and Visio are great for illustrating workflows and sharing them with other team members to ensure the workflow is designed correctly. However, these tools create static illustrations and can't take the next step, which is workflow automation.

If your ultimate goal is to move manual workflows and processes to a working, automated system you are better off finding a true workflow automation tool with an easy-to-use design interface. That way, once the workflow is approved, you can start using it right away in the real world.

Important Features of a Workflow Design Tool

  • Low code, drag and drop building environment
  • Assign tasks and actions
  • Collaborate on tasks and requests
  • Share entire process flow with users
  • Copy, export, version processes
  • Create child processes
  • Create simple or complex business rules
  • Create single, group, or multi-tiered approvals
  • Run parallel or sequential flows
  • Set up reminders, customizable notifications, and time-outs
  • Test run processes

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Considerations for Starting a Workflow Design Project

Starting a workflow design project can be a small, focused effort or a broader effort that spans several departments or business units.

  • Strong executive support and ongoing communication from the top that makes the priority of the workflow project clear to everyone.
  • Allocation of sufficient resources for the design and management effort.
  • A formal workflow improvement plan and toolset so that everyone speaks the same language and all process teams produce the same results.
  • A clear approval process for implementing workflow changes.
  • The initiative must be run like a true business project with defined responsibilities and milestones.

Examples of Workflow Design Tools

Tools Just for Design

Tools That Include Automation

  • Integrify
  • KissFlow
  • BP Logix
  • Intellect
  • WorkflowGen
  • K2

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