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Visual Workflow Designer from Integrify

visual workflow designer

With our visual workflow designer, you can quickly design and activate business workflows that improve your department's efficiency and productivity. That means no more confusion, check-up emails, Excel spreadsheets, shared documents, or paper forms. Improve the cycle time of any internal business process with alerts, reminders, task assignments, escalations, and more.

Important Features of a Workflow Designer

  • Assign tasks and actions
  • Collaborate on tasks and requests
  • Copy, export, version processes
  • Create child processes
  • Create simple or complex business rules
  • Create single, group or multi-tiered approvals
  • Low-code, drag and drop building environment
  • Run parallel or sequential flows
  • Set up reminders, customizable notifications, and time-outs
  • Share entire process flow with users
  • Test run processes

Workflow Automation

When a powerful workflow design tool is paired with an equally powerful workflow engine, you are able to rapidly scale your business improvement initiatives.

Using a drag and drop interface to add and arrange tasks, automated workflows can be planned and designed visually to either simulate or improve upon existing processes. In most cases, the process is illustrated in a static format and reviewed by all stakeholders for accuracy. Once the workflow design is finalized, work begins using the workflow designer to build the actual process including forms, tasks, recipients, alerts/notifications, etc. This is done using workflow automation software that includes pre-built tasks that can be arranged and connected as needed.

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Considerations for a Workflow Design and Automation

Starting a workflow design project can be a small, focused effort or a broader effort that spans several departments or business units. 

  • Strong executive support and ongoing communication from the top that makes the priority of the workflow project clear to everyone.
  • Allocation of sufficient resources for the design and management effort.
  • A formal workflow improvement plan and toolset so that everyone speaks the same language and all process teams produce the same results.
  • A clear approval process for implementing workflow changes.
  • The initiative must be run like a true business project with defined responsibilities and milestones.

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