Capital Expenditure Requests

Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Request software that simplifies and streamlines workflow for expenditure submissions and approvals.


“Our CEO approved his very first CapEx request from his mobile device.”

Ken Richardson, PCI Pharma Services


Integrify is the only workflow and approval software that allows users to easily define, build, and publish customized capital expenditure request processes within an intuitive interface. Have a new, customized CapEx Request approval process up and running within weeks, not monthsAlso known as "Capital Acquisition Request" or "Approval for Expenditure."

Try our "CapEx Automation Walkthrough" to see how automating the CapEx/AFE process ensures efficiency and accuracy when making critical purchase decisions.

capex-thmbBy using Integrify's workflow management software to design custom capital expenditure processes, our clients have significantly improved the CapEx request approval process and reduced their CapEx approval cycle times by up to 35%. While providing unprecedented transparency into the entire process. Requesters can track progress, managers can make informed decisions and auditors have a complete, automatically-generated audit history.

Our customers are keeping their CapEx projects and expenditures aligned with their enterprise capital financial strategies and objectives. They’re clearly improving the management of their enterprise cash flow across the organization.



Organizational hierarchy-driven CapEx approvals


Sequential or parallel approvals


Manager approval by email or mobile device


Escalations based on inactivity


Escalations based on due dates


Add file attachments


Complete audit trail


Manager-driven re-routing


Designated alternate approvers


Route by amount, department or any CapEx data


Ad-Hoc approvals


Accounting system integration



Benefits of an Automated CapEx Process:


  • Reduction in expenditure request, review, and approval time
  • Streamlined and standardized request processes across multiple divisions
  • Review and approve/manage requests from any mobile device
  • Easily attach supporting documentation


  • Elimination of error-prone spreadsheet CapEx/AFE systems
  • Provide a clear audit trail that's easy to understand and manage
  • Enable regulatory compliance and adherence to company policies and procedures
  • Establishment of multi-tiered process definition provides security for sensitive data

Reporting and Visibility

  • Report on the efficiency of the process overall or for individual requests
  • Provide a transparent view of the process and current status
  • Compare planned spend vs. actual spend
  • Identify bottlenecks and implement corrective action
  • Easily incorporate data into balance sheets and income statements and cash-flow projections


  • Integration with existing financials in existing ERP systems
  • Add additional functionality via plug-ins
  • Embed CapEx forms and tracking into existing intranets or Websites

Integrify Is More Than Just Software

Sure we have a great software product, but we also have a great service team that can drastically reduce your implementation time. Our experienced consultants have built CapEx workflow solutions for the biggest companies in the world. That means that if you need help with planning, best practices, process design or you want us to build everything, we can. In fact, we'll even build a prototype of your process in our system that you can evaluate for 30 days.


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Read how Baylor University and British Petroleum use our CapEx approval solution for capital expenditure request management.

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