Our Customers

Great companies from a variety of industries rely on Integrify to automate their workflow.

Case Studies

Our customers use Integrify in a wide variety of ways to make work flow more efficiently throughout the organization.

  • GlaxoSmithKline

    GSK wanted to find a request management system that could be implemented by all IT departments within the company worldwide.

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  • BP

    Compliance in Asset Management is critical for a large, global oil and gas company.

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  • PCI Pharma Services

    PCI needed a workflow system for CapEx that allowed mobile approvals with a centralized and secure data storage for all the requests for compliance.

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  • U.S. Pipe

    Finding a workflow management solution that could be deployed and managed with internal resources became a priority.

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  • Sony Entertainment

    Sony needed a request management system with robust reporting features that would capture metrics across the team.

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  • Red Bull

    Integrify Gives Red Bull Asset Acquisition Wings: Centralizing Country-Specific Processes Across a Region

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  • Baylor University

    The ITS department at Baylor needed a solution that would completely replace manual and paper-based processes for personnel actions.

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  • Cardinal Logistics

    Cardinal needed a new system to assure verification and compliance of P&L reporting.

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  • Biologics

    Biologics Uses Integrify to Automate Accreditation and Product Development

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  • Oakland Unified School District

    OUSD needed a way to initiate vendor contracts, approve companies that do work for the district, and ascertain the necessary approvals.

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  • Medcor

    Medcor need to quickly automate the new hire process in order to save time and money and improve the efficiency of the process.

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  • Exacto

    Choosing a request and workflow management system that would automate all aspects of the company—sales, technical, marketing, compliance, research, and operations departments

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  • National 4-H

    4-H Automates and Streamlines the Curriculum Peer Review Process with Integrify.

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  • Northern Natural Gas

    Northern wanted secure, automatic notification of approvals that would save employees time.

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  • NeoSystems

    Choosing a workflow management system that would automate critical back-office functions like finance and HR.

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  • Acklands Grainger

    Replace its email-driven request management and change management systems in the IT department with an automated system.

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  • Healthstream

    HealthStream needed a process management solution that would initially deal with demanding turnaround of pricing requests from its sales team

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  • Urban Partnership Bank

    Implementing New Hire Management request system in the cloud at Urban Partnership Bank

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  • Bellevue Club

    Bellevue Club needed an efficient way to submit requests, route them for approvals and notifications, and provide an audit trail.

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  • Nick at Night

    Nick-at-Nite promotions department needed an automated way to gather and process approvals in a fast, audited, organized manner.

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  • Island Insurance

    The processes and procedures in place for granting access to resources

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  • Aspect Software

    Aspect had a request management system that had been built internally using Cold Fusion but it lacked scalability and was difficult to use.

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  • Michelman & Robinson

    Finding a workflow system that was configurable and easy to adapt to change at a sensible cost point

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  • Airrosti

    Airrosti Rehab Centers was experiencing rapid growth and recognized the need to start automating several of its business processes.

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