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Versatex's Journey to Digital Transformation - Transforming Paper Processes into Digital Operations.


VERSATEX was founded in 2004 by building industry professionals dedicated to bringing quality building products to the marketplace. Meticulous attention to quality and consistency equates to PVC trim options that meet and exceed the needs of builders, architects, fabricators, and homeowners. Additionally, their market-back approach ensures that product development focuses on the needs of our customers and on innovations that will make a real difference in design and efficiency.

The Challenge

Justin Mayer, Controller at VERSATEX, oversees accounting and finance. His organization sought a solution to help them evolve away from paper documents. The processes consisted of manually passing information back and forth and maintaining binders full of papers. "In other words, to be more digital" was what the organization wanted to achieve, says Mayer.

VERSATEX is a publicly traded company that requires a traceable and readily accessible audit trail to support the audit. However, maintaining a fully transparent and accessible audit trail can be challenging when working solely with paper documents. Hence, the team searched for a system to capture time-stamped audit-compliant approvals.

Why Integrify?

VERSATEX went through extensive research demoing with multiple organizations, but found Integrify the best fit. “[We] ultimately decided on moving forward with Integrify due to its user-friendly nature and incredible flexibility.”

Another one of the stand-out benefits of Integrify is that you do not need to be an IT developer or professional to build in the environment. Integrify is a drag-and-drop interface that stood out to Justin and the team.

"Creating and managing a workflow is intuitive and doesn't require being able to code software."


Justin shared that since becoming a customer in 2022, "Implementation has gone really well, and most of our users have completely bought in." If the team had any questions or needed assistance on their project, they felt comfortable contacting the Integrify team, "Integrify's customer service has been incredible in helping us resolve issues."

What They've Built

The team at VERSATEX has built numerous solutions and wants to continue integrating further.  One of the more prominent processes they have created is an extensive system that tracks and houses all customer programs.


So far, the team is delighted with the results. With the help of Integrify, VERSATEX has one single source of information that all associates can access. In the past, they relied on a binder full of documents that a single individual kept. With this, VERSATEX has satisfied audit requests and streamlined processes, which has led to smoother operations and increased employee satisfaction.

"We no longer have to save emails and scan documents; everything is housed in one central location. [Integrify] allows us to access data remotely whereas we could not prior." – Justin Mayer, Controller, VERSATEX Building Products.

What's Next?

As the current processes continue running, Justin and his team continue building new processes in Integrify. They plan to transform additional physical document workflows with Integrify digitally.

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