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Flexible subscription-based pricing for your unique needs


Flexible Pricing Options for Your Company

Integrify is subscription-based software, which means you just pay an annual subscription fee to use the software (in the cloud, private cloud or on your own servers). We have made our subscription program as flexible as possible to ensure we can meet your unique requirements.

Platforms and Features

Features Cloud   On-Premise
Drag and Drop Workflow Builder  
Form Builder Builder  
Employee Portal Builder  
Custom Reporting  
Mobile Access  
Automatic Updates  
API Access  
Implementation Services*  
SSO Enabled (SAML2 Supported)*  
Encryption at REST*  

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Pricing Options

There are a few variables that play into your ultimate cost:

  • Platform Chosen (cloud, private cloud, on-premise)
  • Number and Type of Users (named or concurrent)
  • API Access
  • Services

Number and Type of Users

A “user” is anyone who logs into Integrify, whether they are an administrator building workflows or an employee logging into the portal to submit requests or complete tasks. Because you pay on a per-user basis, the number of users will obviously affect your cost. Note: We typically work with companies that need 50+ users. We provide two different types of user licenses depending on your needs:

Named Users

You decide who has access to the system and each user gets their own login and password. Named allows for X amount of users that can login to submit requests, complete tasks, run reports or be administrators and not be limited to the # of users logged into the application at the same time.

Concurrent Users

Everyone in your organization can log in to the system but only a certain number can be on the system at the same time. We can provide guidance on a realistic number of concurrent users based on your organization’s size.

Additional Instances

In some cases, you may want to add additional instances of Integrify for backup, testing, staging, etc. These are fully-operational, working instances that allow multiple users to build and test processes and forms.


(Complete List of Services)

Implementation/Project-Based Services

Ongoing support and maintenance of Integrify are always free, but depending on your organization and the scope of your implementation, you may need additional professional services to implement Integrify. If you’ve already been up and running for a while, you may ask us for hands-on help with a specific project. We provide these professional services through a outlined Statement of Work, at an as-needed hourly fee or with pre-paid blocks of service hours.


Workshops provide training and tools to prepare for a process automation project, including Project Planning and Scoping, Process Discovery, Process Design.

Proof of Concept (POC)/Working Prototype

If you would like us to build out an environment, complete with workflows based on your organization’s processes, we can provide a paid “proof of concept” for you to get a feel for how Integrify will work before making a full commitment.


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With Integrify You Will

  • Increase work output and productivity.
  • Streamline and speed up processes.
  • Reduce manual, redundant, error-prone data entry.
  • Improve process compliance.
  • Eliminate paperwork costs and waste.
  • Reduce license overhead for ERP, CRM, HRIS, etc.

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