Integrify Professional Services

We're here to help ensure your workflow project gets done on time and on budget.

Professional Services Overview

We don't just give you a login and walk away.

We have a range of services to augment the skills and experience of your team. With Integrify Services, you can leverage our team as an extension of yours and get anything from hands-on work building processes and forms or training your entire staff on using Integrify.


Learn from the best with knowledge sharing, skills development, best-practices, and continuing education. Learn to use Integrify the way we do.

Integrify offers on-site and online training for business and technical users of varying skills and experience.

  • Web-based Sessions: Schedule one-on-one sessions with the convenience of online training on topics of your choice.
  • Onsite Seminars: Dedicate time at your location for your team to get absorbed with Integrify fundamentals and bring them up to speed by having an Integrify Trainer on-site.
  • Self-guided: Or learn at whatever pace you like with our easily accessible training documents.

Administrative Coaching

Looking for more in-depth services?

We will review and reinforce learned skills, leading to greater administrative knowledge and productivity. Ensure your administrators gain full utilization of the Integrify system. We will assist your staff in identifying, verifying and resolving problems found in executing daily tasks.

During the coaching sessions, we can assist your administrators in becoming more self-sufficient, and improve the skills of your administrators to better meet the needs of your organization and their specific responsibilities.

Service Packages

Process Workshop

A 1-day or 2-day workshop that gives your team the tools to prepare for a process automation project, including Project Planning and Scoping, Process Discovery, Process Design.

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Rapid Workflow Prototype

We build you a working prototype of your business process so you can see it in action.You can edit and test it with full access. Get your prototype up and running in a week.

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Choose What You Need

Process Discovery

We can work with your team to review, document and improve your process requirements based on our years of hands-on process development.

Process Design

We have built thousands of workflow solutions for a variety of organizations and bring that knowledge to bear on all of projects.

Process Implementation

From process build to user testing, we can ensure your project hits the ground running and receives widespread acceptance.

User Interface & System Architecture Design

Assistance with configuring unique user experiences within the Integrify Portal for different roles within your organization.

Report & KP design and creation

Creating custom reports and dashboards that track the measurements you need to improve processes.

Extending Integrify

Integrate with your current system environment with our API. Push and pull data between Integrify and legacy applications.

Technical Assistance

Get technical assistance with Integrify including installation, Active Directory synchronization, additional development work and more.