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“Before moving to the Integrify platform, there was a lot of confusion on the back end of the budget process.” - Pete Able, Manager of Human Resources and Financial Systems

Baylor University

Workflow Use Case: Managing Document Approvals

With Integrify you can quickly build a custom document and file approval workflow and streamline the routing and tracking of documents. No more email attachments and clunky workflow. Reviewers can comment, share information, and upload/download documents as part of the workflow. Once documents are approved, they can be pushed into any document management system.


Workflow Use Case: Product Development Process

While your newest product might be utterly unique, the methodologies and activities involved in developing it are probably repeatable. The tasks and processes required to develop new products can be standardized and made actionable while allowing creativity to take place within the framework.


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Workflow Use Case: CapEx Automation

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