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SharePoint vs. Integrify:  How to Select the Right Workflow Solution


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Sharepoint Workflow Overview

With so many people now working from home, Sharepoint Administrators are looking for ways to use their existing infrastructure and SharePoint tools to improve the way remote employees get work done. Unfortunately, when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. This is the case with the limited nature of Sharepoint workflows. An entire industry has cropped up to supplement or replace Sharepoint's rudimentary workflow abilities

When it comes to using SharePoint for workflow (whether you're using Sharepoint 2016, Sharepoint Online, or other versions) or a pure-play workflow solution like Integrify, there are a number of issues that organizations should consider:

NOTE: The number one technology we replace over any other product is Sharepoint.



Microsoft Sharepoint Workflow

Integrify Workflow

Developers/coders required for customization

Coding Required

No Coding Required

Create a new custom process (level of effort)

Moderate to Significant Effort

Low to Moderate Effort

Create a new custom process (resources)

IT / developers

Business Users

Modify/support/adapt existing processes (resources)

IT / developers

Business Users

Modify/support/adapt existing processes (cost)

High Cost

Low to Moderate Cost

The flexibility of solution (how easy is it to change)

Low to Moderate Flexibility

High Flexibility

The time required to create customized processes


Low to Moderate

The agility of solution (how fast can it be changed)

Moderate Agility

High Agility

Are Sharepoint Workflows The Right Tool for the Job?

Optimizing business processes requires using the right tools for the right jobs. To help organizations considering SharePoint as their workflow platform identify when a solution like Integrify is a good fit, we have created the following list of decision points. In other words, here are some examples of common Sharepoint workflow problems or points of frustration.

If the answer to any of the following questions is “yes,” we believe it’s worth considering a workflow platform like Integrify, either as a standalone workflow management solution or in conjunction with a SharePoint deployment using integration.

  • Do you want to be able to quickly define and alter processes?

  • Are future updates/modifications expected frequently?

  • Do you want the ability to empower business units with direct control over their business rules and processes?

  • Are you modeling processes that cross-departmental and application boundaries?

  • Do you have processes (or steps) that require more complex exception handling and logic?

  • Are your IT resources limited?

  • Is custom integration needed/helpful?

  • Do you expect advanced reporting capabilities and easy customization of reports?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, investigating a solution like Integrify is a natural fit for your needs—even if you’re already using SharePoint for its rich set of collaboration, document management, business intelligence, or other capabilities.

Integrify Workflow Benefits: Why Use Integrify Over a Sharepoint Workflow?

Integrify over Sharepoint Workflows: Benefits to Employees

  • The self-service portal is available 24 hours a day

  • Accessible from the office, home or mobile devices

  • Easy-to-use, one-stop shopping for all requests

  • Visibility into request status and progress

Integrify over Sharepoint Workflows: Benefits to Departments

  • Consistent, departmental standards are followed

  • Transaction time and cost are greatly decreased

  • Reduction in low-value, transactional tasks

  • Better department/employee communication

  • Better tracking of process bottlenecks

Integrify over Sharepoint Workflows: Benefits to technical teams

  • Low-code environment for rapid workflow rollout

  • Ability to let departments manage their own processes

  • Reusable parts, templates, forms

  • Centralized management of all request/workflow applications

  • Open API for legacy integration

Interested in Switching from Sharepoint Workflow to Integrify?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to an automated workflow. 

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