Employee Change of Status

Integrify makes it possible to manage employee change of status requests.


The Challenge

Managers send requests to change the status of an employee's title, supervisor, location, pay grade, and contact information by email and various other means, creating confusion. HR Department teams then must evaluate, gather all necessary approvals and update the employee's new status in the ERP system. Approvals for employee changes have no structure in place, often delaying an approval without a repository for status updates and documented approvals.

The Solution

Using Integrify, the approval process is now completely automated. Managers use a web browser to submit and check on the status of their employee change requests. They know who is handling the request and who approved it. The application uses business rules to determine the group responsible for the change and routes the request automatically through the proper approval channel. The HR team receives the approved request for fulfillment.

The Implementation

Assigns administrators to Integrify to implement the process rules and any forms that will be used to gather information. Integrify automatically executes the web and email approval notifications to the appropriate personnel, reducing the chances of confusion while maintaining the current status of the request.

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