Approval Software with Workflow Management

Integrify's approval software streamlines any approval process and eliminates the headaches of manual approval handling.


Approval Software from IntegrifyImagine software that automates and manages ANY approval process.

Integrify is approval software that helps organizations reduce operational cost and improve employee satisfaction by providing request and approval process definition, approval workflow automation, and process visibility. Integrify streamlines the approval process across all business areas, such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and other types of services.

Some examples of approval processes our customers automate:

  • Capital expense approvals
  • Vacation time approvals
  • Contract approvals
  • IT project requests
  • Pricing discount approvals
  • New hire approvals
  • Software approvals

automating approvals

Efficiency is Just the Start!

Approval Audit Trails

There's more to automating your approval processes than making things faster and easier. Integrify captures a complete, auditable history of every approval including:

  • Who submitted the approval request
  • What was requested
  • When it was submitted
  • When it was approved
  • Who approved it
  • All communication back and forth
  • All metadata

If your company is subject to internal or external audits, all approval information is now at the auditor's fingertips. No scrambling to find emails or documents. All the information you need is held within Integrify's approval software.

Integrify makes it easy to create an approval process, automate it, and then deploy it to users.

Delegate Approvals

When an approver is unavailable due to vacation, sickness, travel or other reasons that prevent them from being available, administrators can designate an alternate approver to handle approvals temporarily.

Continuous Improvement

Our reporting tools allow administrators to identify workflow bottlenecks and address service-level issues. By recognizing bottlenecks and choke points, administrators can make changes to the process as new information is learned.

Get Mobile

Approvals can be made from any computer or mobile device. Choose to approve or reject a request from an email link or from our mobile-friendly portal. It couldn't be easier.

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Industrial Strength Approval Management

Your approval system needs to be able to scale to your most complex request, yet keep things simple enough for business users to build a straightforward approval workflow when needed.

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