Approval Workflow Re-Imagined

Having seamless, transparent, and clear approval processes allows the enterprise to be responsive to all these demands and act swiftly and decisively.

For enterprise organizations, outdated approval processes can slow operations and derail growth. Lags, lack of transparency, and antiquated systems can frustrate users, approvers, and leadership. That's why workflow automation for approval processes is crucial. 

Automation technologies are reimagining the approval roadmap, creating seamless, intuitive, and efficient processes that can transform these core functions. With the right technologies, enterprises can rethink their approval workflow, from forms and routing to sign-offs and reminders.

In this eBook, learn about why approval processes are essential for the enterprise, the challenges facing enterprise approval processes, examples of standard approval processes, and how automation can revolutionize your approvals.

eBook sections include:

  • Approval Processes in Larger Organizations Are Different
  • Why Better Approval Processes Are Critical in the Enterprise
  • Reluctance to Innovate in Process Management
  • Why Better Approval Processes Matter to the Enterprise
  • Current State of Approvals and Challenges for Companies
  • Examples of Approval Processes in the Enterprise Company
  • Best Practices for Approval Requests
  • Providing Approvals
  • Approval Workflow
  • Case Studies
  • Technology Considerations