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Bottleneck Software Helps Companies and Departments Find and Eliminate Performance Limiting Issues

bottleneck software

Bust Bottlenecks with Workflow Automation!

Bottleneck software like Integrify allows teams to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in a business process. Bottlenecks in business processes and daily workflow cost more than frustration and mistakes:

  • They cost the business revenue and profits.
  • They hurt employee morale.
  • They cause customer dissatisfaction.
  • They prevent more important, value-added work from getting done.

With Integrify, teams can map out an entire process from start to finish, including all tasks, human or machine, and then turn that process map into a live, running automated process.

Once the process runs, dashboards, KPI indicators, and reports can help the team analyze where chokepoints exist and develop process improvements to mitigate or eliminate them.

Streamlining Your Process

With workflow automation tools like our process builder, you can design an automated process using drag-and-drop tools.

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Once your process runs, you can design dashboards to look for chokepoints and establish KPIs.


Interested in Reducing Workflow Bottlenecks?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to an automated workflow. 

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