New Hire Management

Integrify makes it possible to manage new hire activity for short and long term service engagements.


The Challenge

The hiring process is an inefficient paper and fax nightmare. Field Directors manage the interview process and generate offers. Logistically that is just the beginning as adding new temporary employees involves performing background checks, ordering supplies, creating network access and e-mail accounts, setting up telephone services, scheduling orientation, choosing benefits, and countless other details. There is no efficient way to notify the HR Department and to track when tasks are completed. Many of these tasks go unfulfilled, delaying the new hire process.

The Solution

Using Integrify, the hiring Field Directors submitting a new hire request have complete visibility to all tasks as they are performed: HR, Information Technology, Facilities, Finance, and Accounting. Each group assigned to a task is automatically notified via email and through Integrify's web dashboard. Approvals are documented and additional information (new user accounts, system access, fulfillment dates, benefits packages, training schedules) needed by each group is obtained and attached to the request.

Field Directors are alerted to delays in scheduling or services, and escalation is automatically initiated with pre-defined business rules. Participants in the process are kept aware of a new hire's status at all times. If a contact is unavailable for an approval or task, Integrify can automatically escalate the process with pre-defined business rules.

Integrify drastically reduces the need for HR and Field Directors to call everyone for status updates, cuts approval time for new hires from weeks to days (sometimes hours), and eliminates errors in the process.

The Implementation

Integrify is the company's process portal that allows end users to submit, approve and track any HR request. The company assigns process administrators to Integrify to implement the process rules and any forms that will be used to gather information. Integrify automatically executes the web and email approval notifications to the right people, reducing the chances of confusion while maintaining the current status of the request. Integrify has integrated with external systems to reduce the need for re-keying information gathered in a request.

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