Workflow for Marketing and Sales

Integrify can help optimize and automate your sales and marketing department.

Workflows can be critical for nearly every department and team in a business, but perhaps few are so critical as workflows for marketing and sales. After all, sales revenue is the lifeline of any business – without sales, funds stop coming in and the business is in jeopardy. Beyond the general importance of sales, sales and marketing teams often have to juggle tons of data related to acquiring new leads, nurturing old ones, and supporting efforts to grow the business

For this reason, having proper marketing workflow tools in order to support workflows for marketing and sales is critical.

When there’s revenue on the line, an outmoded workflow for marketing and sales means poorly processing requests can jeopardize the level of service provided to the customer. These time pressures from deadlines and bottom lines can be alleviated when Integrify accounts for every process and customer need.

With Integrify’s marketing workflow management software, you can automate customized product requests, discount authorization, PR approvals, customer status changes, contract reviews, and marketing collateral changes/approvals. Use our marketing workflow tools to ensure that marketing and sales procedures are strictly followed and protect the organization's brand.

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What Our Marketing Workflow Management Customers Say:

“SNE has streamlined its processes within the Content Operations team as more are handled and available for tracking via Integrify. This has been a colossal improvement for our team. We’re a smarter operation – and this is an achievement we’ve been working toward for years.”

– Mallory Manke, Process Improvement Analyst for SONY Network Entertainment.

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Workflow for Marketing and Sales Examples

Not certain how, specifically, Integrify’s sales and marketing workflow management software can benefit your business? Not quite sure how you’d use it if you were in our position? You don’t have to wonder. We’ve included some handy examples for using Integrify for marketing and sales workflows here on this page.

Get an in-depth look at some of our sales and marketing use cases:

Workflow for Marketing and Sales Illustrated Example: Request for Proposal Workflow

marketing collateral request form

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