Our Partners

Organizations worldwide rely on Integrify software to meet their Business Process Management and Workflow Management needs.

Why Partner with Integrify?

Integrify partners with best-of-breed management consulting firms to broaden their capabilities and provide an end-to-end solution for their customers. By leveraging the power and flexibility of Integrify’s intuitive lean workflow platform, our partners see revenue growth from the workflow solutions and services they provide to their customers.

Partner Request

Benefits of an Integrify Partnership

  • A solid brand that retains customers
  • Intuitive process improvement software
  • Competitive product margins
  • Support from the Integrify team dedicated to ensuring success
  • Marketing, sales and technical support
  • Joint product development, marketing, sales, and support
  • Advanced training

Partner Types

Strategic Partner

  • Sells and influences sales of Integrify solutions.
  • Provides full post-sales support and services to their Integrify customers.
  • Sells their services and leverage their expertise to position and optimize the use of Integrify solutions.

Channel Partner

  • Focus is on selling Integrify solution, with a business model that focuses on reselling and providing pre-sale technical assistance.
  • Prefer Integrify to provide post-sales support and services once their client is licensed.

Referral Partner

  • Ideally-suited for consultants looking for minimal administrative commitment.
  • Responsible for qualifying and registering leads with Integrify.
  • After transitioning the lead Integrify takes over from there, assuming responsibility for closing the deal, billing the customer and providing support.