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BPM software (or business process management software) provides a suite of tools to design, test, and implement automated business processes at a departmental or enterprise-wide scale.

What Does Integrify's BPM Software Include?

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How Does BPM Software Help the Organization?

Ease of Use Across Skill Levels

With BPM software, business users or IT pros can rapidly build scalable, automated processes as part of a single departmental automation project or as part of a large-scale corporate initiative to implement process management across the enterprise. Integrify offers both the robust toolset and scalability to ensure these efforts are successful.

Deployment Flexibility

A BPM software platform can be cloud-based or installed on-premise depending on the compliance or security needs of the organization. The advantages of cloud-based software have made it a great option for scalability and low-maintenance but we provide flexible alternatives for hosting our software as needed, even within heavily-regulated industries.

Integration with Existing Systems

Integration has become more and more critical as a business requires a "conduit" between ERP, HRIS, CRM, Accounting and other data systems of record when starting or completing tasks or moving data as part of a process. We provide an open, REST-based API as well as a variety of task types that can access external systems.

Visit our free "BPM Guide" and learn more about how you can use BPM Tools and workflow management to improve productivity, ensure compliance and improve employee satisfaction.

Cross-Departmental Benefits

Integrify's BPM software helps organizations reduce costs, improve work output, and increase employee satisfaction by providing process definition, process automation, form and portal deployment and auditing for areas such as Information Technology, Finance, Sales, HR Marketing and other types of internal functions.

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