Manufacturing Workflow Management

How can workflow management help manufacturing companies?

manufacturing workflow

Make Back-Office Operations More Efficient and Compliant

Manufacturing companies are battling to stay ahead of aggressive competition and globalization while keeping costs in line. In addition, as mergers and acquisitions ripple through the industry, chaos can ensue internally as redundancies, confusion, and complexity threaten performance. Manufacturing companies can adapt more easily to all these forces with workflow management.

Whether a company considers individual process transformation, adding an integrated layer on top of existing ERP, CRM, etc., or an end-to-end organizational transformation, workflow management solutions like Integrify can help.

Benefits of Workflow Automation in Manufacturing

Some of the ways Integrify's workflow automation can help manufacturing companies:

  • Shorten purchasing and budgeting cycle times (CapEx and OpEx)
  • Improve and quicken product lifecycle development
  • Standardize product quality control and governance
  • Shorten the supply chain cycle for approvals and receipt of goods
  • Streamline complex document approval processes
  • Improve and standardize safety reporting

Use Case Examples

Capital and Operational Expenditure Requests

But with the volume of submitted capital expenditure requests, there is a significant risk of mistakes, delays, compliance, and visibility. Given the investment, the cost of these risks can be enormous. By deploying a compliant and consistent workflow for handling capital expenditure requests, manufacturing companies can greatly reduce risk while getting a faster return on capital spending.

More on CapEx Request Management

Product Lifecycle Development

As manufacturing companies deal with global expansion, competitive pressure, regulatory changes, and changing consumer expectations, getting new products to market faster and faster is critical. Unfortunately, the process of creating new products never gets easier. While product development cycles can't be shortcut, they can be managed better with workflow management. By building a structured workflow around R&D, Quality, Production, Packaging, and Marketing, manufacturing companies can reduce risk and ensure quality while avoiding process bottlenecks. That means products get to market faster.

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Quality Control

Workflow management and automation replace manual, paper-based quality management systems that are inefficient and prone to error. An automated quality management system increases compliance whether an organization is beholden to regulatory rules, is interested in improving its quality standards, or conforming to ISO Standards.

More Examples


  • Purchase Requisition
  • Capital Expense Request
  • Contract Management
  • New Product Evaluation
  • Central Supply Requests
  • Item Exception Requests
  • New Product Evaluation
  • Report Requests

Note: Check out our eBook "Finance Workflow Automation in Manufacturing" for more ideas.

Human Resources

  • Onboarding
  • Employee Change of Status
  • HR Inquiry
  • Offboarding
  • Payroll Adjustment

Information Technology

  • Access Requests
  • Project Requests
  • Work Orders
  • Office Move
  • Security Incident Reporting

Manufacturing Industry Case Studies

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manufacturing workflow

Customer Quote

β€œThe ability to create and manage our workflows without a lot of third-party help was very attractive. It was easy to learn by diving right into the program.”

– Mike Ebner, an IT Manager for U.S. Pipe

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