Mobile Workflow Management and Automation

Mobile workflow can be automated easily with a mobile-friendly Workflow Management platform

Mobile Forms and Workflow

Not all processes happen in the office. When you have resources out in the field or on the go, you need a mobile workflow solution that is optimized for screens of all sizes.

With Integrify's Mobile Workflow Management, mobile workers can submit forms, complete tasks, review and approve, check status and more, all from whatever device they use.

Keep Your Mobile Workforce Productive

mobile workflow automation worker in field

With Integrify, you can build once and deploy once, confident that processes, forms, reports, and dashboards will scale to a variety of mobile screens. No need to build a separate application or instance for all situations. Build once and run from any browser.

Examples of Mobile Workflows in Action

  • Employees can submit HR or IT requests from any device
  • Field workers can log site visits from tablets or mobile phones
  • Retail workers can submit security incidents from the floor
  • Executives can approve capital expenditure requests while traveling
  • Maintenance engineers can report safety incidents from the shop floor

Design Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Forms in One Step

Create smarter forms the way you want, with full formatting and advanced layout tools that make your forms look great and scale properly on all screens, desktop or mobile.

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Interested in Automating Your Mobile Form Workflow?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to an automated workflow.

Automate Any Business Process

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