Pricing for Higher Education

UniversityTo better meet the unique needs of the higher education market, we offer special discount pricing of our request and workflow management system.

After a base annual license cost of $10k, pricing starts at
$5/yr. per user for 5,000 student users or less and $1,200/yr. per administrator.

(Price per user drops significantly at higher student user populations.)

The Unique Needs of Higher Education

We recognize that universities need a cost-effective solution that allows for both creation and re-use of customized, automated processes that can:

  • Improve the student and staff experience
  • Replace manual and paper-based processes for personnel actions
  • Centralize and streamline the review and approval process for requests
  • Track and summarize requests
  • Improve internal audit controls

With Integrify, you can streamline workflow in critical, student-facing departments like Financial Aid, Admissions, Registration and Academic Records by providing a customized portal to submit requests and provide information.

If you'd like to discuss our new pricing and learn more about how we can help your school, please let us know.

Customer Quote

“Both the administrative staff and the student body sees the benefits, even those who were initially resistant to change.”

– Pete Able, Manager of Human Resources and Financial Systems at Baylor University

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