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The Value of Enterprise-level Workflow Solutions

Workflows can be incredibly powerful and versatile, but building them from scratch can take a lot of time and effort – time and effort that many businesses just can’t afford to spend. Rather than taking time to build document workflows and process workflows (just to name a few) from scratch, it can save your business resources and personpower to use highly effective and customizable workflow management solutions.

With proper workflow automation and workflow management software, your business will save time and money not just on building the workflows themselves but also on ordinary, everyday business processes – because you’ll have a workflow for that.


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More Than a Point Solution

Our enterprise workflow solution customers span across all industries and build solutions for a variety of departments, from Pharma to Logistics and Finance to HR.

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Available Where You Need It

Whether you're looking for a cloud-based, on-premise, or even an industry-compliant audited workflow solution, we have you covered.

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Workflow solution use cases give you an idea of what's possible with workflow automation software. This downloadable resource provides a wide variety of workflow examples that show the ways people have used automation to improve their business processes and increase efficiency throughout the organization.

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Workflow Solutions for Low-Code Application Development

With Integrify’s workflow solutions, you don't need a team of seasoned developers to design and build business applications anymore.

"Low Code Development" means visual, drag-and-drop tools for creating process-based applications that don't require developers to build and deploy. Low-code speeds the development of business-level process applications by "citizen builders" who are familiar with the business processes but don't necessarily have development training. By shortening the development cycle of applications with workflow solutions like Integrify, business goals can be achieved more quickly, generating a faster return and meeting internal and customer needs more quickly. Read More

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A Full Suite of Tools for Non-Developers

Design forms, build processes, create custom user portals, share reports,all without writing any code.

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