Workflow for Finance Operations

How can workflow automation help Finance?

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Do You Need a Finance Process Upgrade?

Fiscal responsibility is more central to businesses today than ever before. Top executives are shifting their focus to identifying new tools like workflow for finance operations to ensure compliance and consistent ROI across an organization’s many divisions.

For instance, if you’re still using paper, telephone, and fax for requests and approvals of capital expenditures, you’re already long out of date. These and other business-critical processes demand timely attention because they drive core functions in your organization. Integrify streamlines these finance processes and removes the barriers to running a high-performance Finance organization.

Budget approvals, accounts payable, purchase requests, expense requests, invoice reconciliation, and any other financial processes can be upgraded to automated workflows that ensure consistency and compliance.

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Customer Quote

“Thanks to the Integrify platform, we were able to eliminate our old paper-based sign-off system for CAPEX. Our review and approval process has been greatly improved, plus, it keeps a record of the activity so we can reduce room for mistakes.”

– Paul Proano, CFO Latin America, Red Bull.

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Finance Process Examples

Some of the many Finance processes that can be automated with Integrify:

Illustrated Example: Capital Expenditure Request


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