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Integrify Gives Red Bull Asset Acquisition Wings: Centralizing Country-Specific Processes Across a Region


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Red Bull wanted to automate their paper and email-based request system for their CapEx processes. They worked in unison with Yapaweb, a website design service, and Integrify to build out their system and automation needs exactly how they wanted. Integrify has enabled better communication across the organization while allowing for country- and office-specific rules, all of which have made the organization more organized, accountable, and systematic.


Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid-1980s, after creating a unique energy drink and marketing approach that launched a totally new product category. First sold in Austria, Red Bull Energy Drink is now available in more than 166 countries and more than 40 million cans have been sold.

The company’s worldwide presence includes locations throughout the Central and South America region, which includes a diverse group of countries that all have different local requirements for office processes, but which still wish to standardize their operations to meet the brand’s goals. The Latin America division decided to automate its asset acquisition process to make it more centralized and more efficient.

The Challenge

  • Choosing a workflow management system that would automate a paper- and email-based request system in a way that saved time and was error-proof
  • Identifying a system that could be customized by country to follow different sets of rules for similar requests

Why Integrify?

In replacing a cumbersome e-mail-based process, Red Bull needed a solution that put everything in one place to make it easier for managers, as well as the employees making the requests, to more efficiently complete the asset acquisition process. Most importantly, because of individual countries’ regulations, as well as the breadth of assets being acquired (everything from computers to cars), there were different levels of approval required for each asset as well as for each country.

“Our review and approval process has been greatly improved, plus, it keeps a record of the activity so we can reduce room for mistakes.”

Red Bull turned to Yapaweb, a website design services firm located in Gainesville, Ga., to build a process management system that would uniformly handle its asset acquisition functions in Central and South America.

While the Yapaweb team considered building a system from scratch, one member had discovered the Integrify solution while researching options for another client, and recommended it as the base on which to build the Red Bull request management system. By building on the Integrify system, Yapaweb helped Red Bull avoid high development and maintenance costs.

Integrify’s request management simplifies the process request submission, quickly completing a task and gaining insight into the status of the request activity. This is accomplished by providing a unified request portal that allows for a common and intuitive experience for the end-users.

Integrify is the only process and workflow offering that allows users to easily define, build, and publish processes within an intuitive interface. They can rapidly create processes that truly work the way their business works. The system is designed for business users, requiring limited support by IT personnel. Integrify can be defined and deployed rapidly for one process, then extended to other processes across an enterprise.

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Red Bull’s approval criteria required several rounds of information collection and review. “For each request, vendor proposals must be received and uploaded, and then the system calculates a score for each proposal, and determines which proposal is best. For that, we relied entirely upon the Integrify script,” said Martin Carrion, Yapaweb’s founder.

Additionally, Carrion’s team is customizing the Integrify solution so that the rules followed by each request process meets the individual requirements of each office location.

Red Bull has 20 users of the Integrify system located across six different regional groups, from Mexico down to Argentina. The simplicity and common interface of the platform is critical to an organization with multiple locations.

The Benefits

The managers find the system convenient and easy to use, as each step of the acquisition request and approval process is automated and easy to track. With the Private Cloud version of Integrify is ideal for Red Bull, which wanted its own server to keep information in the system protected from a shared host server.

“From the manager’s perspective, they have everything in one place and can take a look and either approve it or reject it,” said Carrion.

The organization also finds the ability to store records of previous requests within the system for reference and the reporting functionality as a convenient way of tracking assets over time.


The system has processed 236 requests since its implementation. Integrify has enabled better communication across the organization while allowing for country- and office-specific rules, all of which have made the organization more organized, accountable, and systematic.

“Red Bull renewed and expanded the system, so it is clearly useful in terms of cost.”



“Thanks to Yapaweb’s services and the Integrify platform, we were able to eliminate our old paper-based sign-off system for CAPEX,” said Paul Proano, CFO Latin America, Red Bull. In the last year, Red Bull has also started to use Integrify for asset disposal, where it is just as convenient and beneficial.

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