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Requisition forms have undergone a transformation in the last decade. The paper requisition form is on its way out—along with the manual, error-prone forms, replaced by smart, dynamic digital forms that offer improved performance and tracking. New digital processes change the way we think regarding the meaning of a requisition form. Find Out More

The Importance of Requisition Forms

The most common definition of a requisition form is a formal request for an item or service. Companies use the document to stay on top of any items procured by the organization. Typically, you must submit a requisition form to kick off the process of making a purchase and to have a record of the request.

Requisition forms are essential to the procurement processes within your company. They help prevent fraud and allow management to exercise control over employee purchases. In addition, having a digital audit trail of requisition form submissions helps organizations streamline the entire process. 

Maintenance for paper requisition forms adds to overall operational costs for businesses. By automating the documents used during the procurement process, companies can increase efficiency and add accountability at every stage. 

Common reasons for submitting a requisition form include:

  • Supply purchases

  • Expense reimbursements

  • Change order requests

  • Invoice discrepancies

Digital Requisition Forms Are Better

Moving from paper or Excel/Word-based forms to a smart, Web-based purchase requisition form system provides a host of benefits to companies looking to improve and streamline their requisition process.

employee requisitioning material using softwareImprove compliance and process standardization

  • Make easy-to-use requisition forms available 24X7 on any device.
  • Reduce requisition errors and re-work with required fields and pre-fills.
  • Link forms to standardized information (vendors, terms, cost centers, etc.) for easy selection.

Reduce purchase request cycle times

  • Route requisitions to appropriate staff based on business rules.
  • Create alerts, reminders, and escalations to avoid bottlenecks.
  • Reduce lost time due to unclear processes.

Control spending

  • Track requisition status (completed, pending, or in-progress, etc.) in real-time
  • Customize routing based on dollar amount, department, project, etc.
  • Drastically reduce paperwork and associated costs and waste.
  • Optimize the procurement process.

How to Create Requisition Forms in Integrify

Integrify provides users with a powerful form builder interface that includes a palate containing various question types and layout tools to help design your requisition form template. You can drag and drop different questions from the palate onto the form builder interface on the right. From there, you can personalize labels to make them more unique to your form. 

Users can also set up rules within the requisition form templates based on selected information. After establishing the rules, you get a preview of how your chosen options would work in a real-world scenario. That allows you to create simple or complex forms that simplify workflows for end-users. 

Simplify Requisition Form Processes

With our software, your organization can create any requisition form templates required for different business processes, including:

  • Purchase requisition forms

  • Materials requisition forms

  • Personnel requisition forms

  • Advance requisition forms

You can automate functions essential to requisition workflows, including:

  • Processing new requisitions

  • Transferring requisitions to another area

  • Removing unworked purchase requests

  • Canceling processed requests

Use Integrify to set up automated routing for any approvals needed for requisition forms. Alternatively, you can change the approval levels for different documents to make sign-offs optional at various stages. In addition, you can send notices to approvers that there’s a new requisition form awaiting their attention. 

Automating the requisition process reduces the time it takes to handle requisition forms. That way, workers aren’t constantly faced with a backlog of requests. Instead, you can help ensure that individual requests get handled promptly while reducing waste.

Interested in Automating Your Requisition Process?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to an automated requisition system. We also offer a requisition form template to get you started fast.

Create Digital Requisition Forms

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