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How Effective is Your Complaint Management Process?

When an employee or customer complaint is received or an error is discovered, how efficient is your complaint handling process?

Complaint Management Steps

  1. Capturing Information
  2. Alerting Stakeholders
  3. Assessing the Situation
  4. Involving Quality Assurance
  5. Investigating Root Causes
  6. Taking Corrective Action
  7. Handling Refunds
  8. Managing Sign-Offs and Approvals
  9. Closing the Loop with Customers

complaint management processAutomating the intake, routing, assignment, and tracking for complaint-generated activities can greatly improve customer satisfaction, product quality, and internal/external compliance requirements.

Whether you're a global pharmaceutical company under regulatory scrutiny, a field service provider trying to reduce safety incidents, or a healthcare provider trying to improve patient outcomes, Integrify can provide a consistent, automated, auditable customer complaint management system for managing complaints from customers, employees, vendors, citizens, and more.

Integrify provides an easy-to-configure, powerful, effective complaint management platform for designing complaint and incident intake forms that can be deployed on any Web site or hosted within a custom Integrify portal. Complaint submissions can then be tracked and routed through your organization using smart logic to ensure standard operating procedures are followed.

Complaint Management Features

  • Assign specific follow-up tasks to individuals or groups.
  • Automatically monitor an email inbox for complaints.
  • Design simple or dynamic forms for complaint intake.
  • Integrate your complaint system with your existing document management or other systems.
  • Route complaints based on type or severity.
  • Set escalations, delegations, and reminders.
  • Store historical data on all complaints and resolutions as long as needed.
  • Track all actions taken regarding a filed complaint including user and time/date stamp.
  • Launch QA Processes.
  • Track performance of complaint handlers and set KPIs.
  • Generate a PDF report for internal or external use.


  • A secure, tested environment that meets the most rigorous standards.
  • A standardized, consistent, auditable system for handling complaints and complaint data.
  • Consistent data capture at the point of intake.
  • Continuous complaint handling improvement based on performance monitoring.
  • The flexibility to adjust processes and customize the system based on your organization's needs.

Your Process, Your Way

Many complaint or quality management systems (QMS) lock you into a pre-determined process for complaint handling that may or may not meet your specific requirements.

Integrify believes flexibility is still possible while remaining compliant. You can design your process to match your organization's unique structure and staffing while ensuring consistent process standards are followed. Plus, our reporting is just as flexible so you can build dashboards and reports to track your compliance and efficiency goals however you see fit.

Complaint Management FAQs

Q. How are customer/employee complaints captured?
A. Complaints and claims are captured via customized forms within a self-service portal. Both forms and portals are highly configurable and can be branded to an organization's requirements. Forms are mobile-friendly and can be customized with logic, pre-fills, and required fields to ensure all complaint information is captured.

Q. How do we ensure complaints and claims are routed properly?
A. Routing is done using a workflow engine that is configured with business rules to ensure that complaints can be routed based on type, urgency, location, or whatever variables are needed by an organization. Custom alerts, reminders, and escalations ensure that process participants take the required task actions to keep a complaint moving through review and resolution.

Q. How do we track the progress of a complaint?
A. Every complaint can be tracked via dashboards, reports, and audit trails to both provide updates and ensure performance goals/service agreements are met. Managers can locate complaint process bottlenecks and reassign work to ensure complaints are handled efficiently. If desired, complainants can track the progress of their complaints as well.

Q. How long does it take to implement a complaint management system?
A. Implementation varies by complexity and preparedness. For instance, if the process is already documented and approved, the actual process build can be done in days or weeks, once the process is ready to be automated. No coding is required to build a process as the process builder is completely drag-and-drop.

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