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Automate Costpoint Workflow with Integrify

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Need to improve and scale your Costpoint workflow with automation?

Deltek Costpoint is a robust accounting software solution for government contractors to manage the finance project lifecycle. However, Costpoint workflow, while functional, is limited in capabilities. The workflow module provides basic workflow tools for Costpoint customers to manage simple processes and activities. We have an alternative to consider if the built-in workflow tool doesn't meet your workflow needs.

Integrify is a system-agnostic workflow automation platform that integrates with Costpoint as well as a wide variety of popular finance applications and can be used to streamline and automate any financial process, leading to:

  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Audibility
  • Accountability
  • Job Satisfaction

With Integrify's Costpoint integration, your finance team can reduce or eliminate all manual process-related tasks, improve turnaround times, and improve compliance with organizational or regulatory requirements.

Costpoint Workflow Cases

Some of the many Costpoint processes that can be automated with Integrify:

Workflow Use Case: Invoice Approvals

costpoint invoice approval
Click for Larger: Costpoint Invoice Approval Workflow

Why Choose Integrify?

  • Easy system administration
  • Powerful role filters
  • Manage unlimited approval roles
  • Unlimited approval workflow models
  • Track all activities and messages
  • Real-time status screen
  • Build and define workflow models in minutes
  • Design smart data entry forms
  • Integrate with any other system using our RET-based, open API

Interested in Automating Your Costpoint Workflow?

We have various resources to help you on your journey to an automated finance and accounting workflow.

Automate Workflow in Costpoint

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