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Integrify makes it possible for managers to coordinate capital budgets, streamline purchase approvals, and reduce time delays in making critical business decisions.

Purchase Request Processes Need to Change

Does your company have a complex asset-purchasing process which requires approvals from numerous managers located in different locations? Global budgets need to guide, and in some cases restrict the investment decision process. Critical investment decisions are often delayed or lost in volumes of paperwork.

In addition, approvals can be requested in person or through email, creating inconsistencies. Management is unable to see where requests are in this process or to expedite purchases with strategic significance. Users are unaware of when tasks are due or where bottlenecks occur. The lack of a single, defined process makes the job of tracking and managing capital expenditure requests difficult and time-consuming.

Moving the Purchase Request Process Online

Using a Web-based requisition system like Integrify means managers with complete visibility and control over this process, timeliness and productivity have dramatically increased. After choosing and implementing Integrify, the critical capital expenditure process is now streamlined. For example, approvals for a purchase request are reviewed in a matter of hours, down from days or even weeks.

Requisition forms are created to ensure proper data capture for all purchases. Rules are pre-defined to route to the appropriate managers for approval. Bottlenecks are eliminated through Integrify's automatic escalation by moving a process along after a certain time period.

purchase request form
Design custom purchase request forms and coordinate routing.

Implementing Workflow Automation

Assign administrators to Integrify for implementing the process rules and any forms that will be used to gather information. Integrify automatically executes the web and email approval notifications to the appropriate personnel, reducing the chances of confusion while maintaining the current status of the request. Using Integrify, managers respond using a single web-based application. Each request is tracked and managed to provide business managers with up-to-date information for all capital expenditure purchases. The application allows each request to be submitted, received, reviewed, approved, tracked, monitored, and reported. Your managers can always be confident that they are making the right investment decisions for your company’s strategy, within your company's budget.

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