eBook: Finance Workflow Automation for Manufacturing

It’s time to apply the no accidents, no mistakes way of thinking to office workflows in manufacturing industries.

When thinking of automation in the manufacturing industry, the first thing that comes to mind is often an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) moving through a factory. No human involvement – just moving materials and components between a warehouse. No accidents and no mistakes; the process happens predictably.

Manufacturing companies are battling to stay ahead of aggressive competition, logistics issues, hiring backlogs, and globalization while keeping costs in line. After reading this eBook, you should understand that automation doesn’t just have to be on the shop floor. Administrative processes can happen the same way an AMR would in a warehouse.

What We Cover

  • Increasing Productivity, Efficiency, and Consistency 

  • Reducing Risk for Finance Departments

  • Joining the Fourth Revolution in the Industry

  • The Benefits of Workflow Automation

  • US Pipe Case Study

Whether your company is considering process transformation for a specific use case, an integrated layer on top of existing ERP, CRM, etc., or an end-to-end organizational transformation, workflow management solutions will help.