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Grant management software that makes your organization more efficient and compliant.

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Replace Inefficient Grant Review Processes with Automation

Integrify's workflow automation software allows you to design an automated grant management submission and review process that fits your organization's standards.

Nonprofits use Integrify to manage grant registration and applications. Nonprofit organizations rely on our workflow automation platform to efficiently manage the grant application process from registration through review and closeout. Unlike traditional grant management software, Integrify can be customized to your organization's preferences and processes.

Our platform also helps users ensure regulatory compliance throughout the grant management lifecycle, from pre-award to post-award, and provides internal transparency across the entire process.

How Integrify helps manage the Grant Management Lifecycle

Below is a typical grant management process. Integrify can help with information capture, routing, task assignments, and more across all phases. Your process can be customized however you need it to flow. Add and remove tasks, forms, routing rules, and alerts/escalations to match your organization's preferred process.

analyze grant dataPre-Award Phase

  • Registration and Authorization Forms
  • Application Submission Management and Attachment Routing
  • Corrections Submissions and Routing
  • Application Review Process (including application scoring)

Award Phase

  • Award Decision (group or individual approval)
  • Award Notification
  • Award Acceptance
  • Grant Manager Assignment

Post Award Phase

  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Information Requests
  • Grant Closeout Process

Grant Submission Form Example

Design your own grant application submission form to capture the critical information grant reviewers need to make a decision. Automatically score grant requests to aid in decision-making.

Here's a simple example of a grant application form, keeping in mind your forms can be as complex as needed:

grant request form
Grant Application Form Example: Click for Larger.

Grant Management Software Benefits

  • Provide an efficient, consistent experience for applicants and reviewers
  • Capture critical information and documents
  • Route information based on rules and actions
  • Assign and track tasks internally
  • Provide stakeholders with alerts and escalations
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Standardize the entire review and approval process
  • Design custom peer review processes
  • Centralize grant requests
  • Provide complete activity audit trails
  • Monitor email inboxes to kick off processes
  • Create custom reports and dashboards

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