Submission Management Software

Manage submissions for companies, municipalities, educational institutions, and nonprofits easily and at scale

Accept, Process, Track, and Submissions More Easily

Managing submissions for applications, files, and documents is tedious when the primary tools are email, postal mail, creaky homegrown solutions, or any other outdated technologies. Moving the submission process to a purely digital, modern submission management software platform pays off in myriad ways, which we'll discuss here.

Submission Examples

But first, when discussing submission management, what kinds of "submissions" are we referring to? Here are some examples:

  • Grant Applications
  • Project Requests
  • Job Applications
  • Scholarship Requests
  • Information Requests
  • Incident Reporting
  • Award Applications

Any process your organization uses to accept, process, and track submissions is a perfect candidate for submission management software.

How Does Submission Management Software Work?

The mechanics of submission management are pretty straightforward. The platform collects and manages submissions and can be configured to the organization's standards.

submission management software

Submission Portal

Provide a unified front-end experience that allows users to submit forms, complete tasks, and track process status. Provide visibility by role to see which tasks are completed, pending, or in progress. Collaborate in real-time about work being performed.

Digital Forms

Easily create responsive, Web-based forms to capture information. Include various field types, form logic, templates, and layouts to ensure the correct data is captured and routed every time.Allow submitters to attach documents, files, and images as part of the submission process without storage limits.

Workflow Management

Integrify's visual process designer interface lets users design custom task workflows using drag and drop. Users can automatically assign tasks and route information based on their organization's unique workflow. Also, set alerts, reminders, and escalations to keep work moving forward. Save time with standardized flows for all information.

Reporting and Analysis

Integrify tracks and maintains an audit trail of all submissions, form data, and user actions. Follow team progress and use KPI scoreboards to track the overall efficiency and drive improvements.


Integrify's open architecture allows organizations to integrate their submission process into existing enterprise systems. Standalone web services enable other applications to initiate a workflow, complete a list of tasks, update process statuses, and conduct other bi-directional activities. 

Integrify Overview


Interested in Automating Your Submission Process?

We have a library of resources to help you on your journey to selecting a submission management system.

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