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Finding a replacement for Lotus Workflow doesn't have to be difficult. You Have Options.

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Lotus Workflow Is Going Away

Lotus Workflow was sunset in 2021 and has not been actively developed for years. "We need to get rid of Lotus Notes." is a common refrain around IT Pro circles. However, the applications developed in Lotus Notes, many of which are workflow-related still function and now need to be replaced. Automating these business processes, formerly automated with Lotus Workflow, still needs to happen.

Citizen Developers are Still Needed!

Because a percentage of Lotus Notes applications were developed by business users rather than the IT department, most companies are looking for solutions that allow for "citizen development" to continue. In addition, these home-grown applications, while fairly straightforward, are usually poorly documented and have likely changed hands a few times (or are just running unmanaged at this point).

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What Is the Best Alternative?

Moving away from Lotus Notes, and applications built on Lotus Workflow can be managed by moving to a workflow automation platform that includes:

  • A self-service portal for employees to access and make requests.
  • A no-code, visual development interface that can be used by non-IT staff to build applications
  • A form designer and integrated database that allows rapid form development.
  • A workflow engine that routes requests in single or parallel paths.
  • A visual, built-in business logic creator that helps app designers adapt to business rules (no @formulae and LotusScript needed!)
  • Full reporting, KPIs, and analytics to track app performance and usage.

Not Just a Replacement

The goal is not just to replace the tools in Lotus Notes that enabled app development but to increase functionality and ease of use so that app creators will quickly adapt to the new environment. Meanwhile, end-users of workflow and process applications receive a much better experience when submitting requests, and reporting/analytics are greatly enhanced.

Building Workflows in Integrify

Our workflow builder is designed for scalability, flexibility, and rapid process design. Design an unlimited number of automated workflow processes using a visual model similar to Lotus Workflow.

Create and connect tasks to design a custom workflow, streamlining business workflow while replacing manual steps with powerful automation. Using our Process Templates, you can even jumpstart new processes.

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Integrify's Process Application Development Platform

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Get a Demonstration of Integrify's Process Application Development Platform

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