Workplace Automation Software

Workplace automation software can eliminate redundant, manual tasks and help employees focus on high-value activity.

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Automating your workplace can dramatically impact productivity, efficiency, accuracy, and innovation by replacing low-level, manual office work with smart office automation. This allows office workers to focus on the higher-value activities and innovation that require humans.

workplace automation software representationWhy Use Workplace Automation Software?

By reviewing and optimizing existing manual processes and then building automated versions of those processes in workplace automation software, departments, and organizations can also ensure accuracy by configuring rules for information handling and decision-making that conform to existing policies. Typically automated procedures include straightforward logic like "if the request is for more than $50,000, route to CFO for approval" or "if the checkbox for the I9 form is blank, return to HR." These simple logic gates replace someone opening an email or reviewing a paper form to decide what to do next. Instead, information flows immediately to the next step, saving hours each week.

What Can Be Automated?

The simple answer is "any process that requires a form or document to be routed between people or systems." Here are some examples:


Purchase Requests
Expense Approvals
Salary/Wage Changes


Benefits Enrollments/Changes
New Hire Management
Employee On/Off Boarding
Vacation Requests


IS Service Requests
Security Access Requests
New Account Setup
Software Change Requests
New Project Requests
Security Incidents/Breaches


Marketing Campaign Approvals
Print/Online Ad Requests
Sponsorship Approvals
Marketing Collateral Approvals
Brand Management


Office Relocations
Resource Scheduling
Facility Access
Move and Expansion Requests


Quote Approvals
Contract Reviews
Pricing Discounts
Proposal Approvals 
Product Discount Approvals


General Procurement
Capital Purchase Approvals
Vendor Management
Invoice Approvals
Product Pricing


Legal Holds
Contract Reviews
Client Intake

How Does It Work?

Automating in the Cloud

By locating automation software in the cloud, businesses can leverage the availability and scalability of SaaS solutions without having to maintain their own software. Instead, they can immediately begin leveraging the benefits of workplace automation. In addition, Integrify offers a private cloud version that provides enhanced security, database access and more, while maintaining the flexibility of cloud-based solutions.

Interested in Automating Your Workflow?

We have various resources to help you on your journey to an automated workflow. 

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