Business Process Management Software

BPM software that lets you automate any workflow quickly and track performance.

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Business process management software (or BPM Software) helps organizations or individual departments reduce costs, limit errors, maintain compliance, maximize efficiency, and improve employee satisfaction by providing process definition, business process automation, form design, and self-service portal deployment and auditing for areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other types of services.

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Integrify is designed for either a developer or business user/citizen developer to build and edit their own automated business process unique to their needs. We've worked with hundreds of large companies, and no business process is the same. That's why we don't try to sell you a pre-built solution that tries to guess what your business needs. You define it and build it (or have us build it) based on your requirements.

Lean on our business process specialists to help you translate your processes using our BPM tools. Once your business process is designed, they can create efficient automated workflows, including routing, approvals, logic, alerts, and integration with your legacy systems.

Easy-to-Use Software for Your Business Process Management Efforts

Integrify is the most powerful and easy-to-use workflow BPM Software for companies that need to start effectively automating, optimizing, or re-engineering their business workflows. With Integrify, your processes will be configured and deployed in days, not weeks. Whether in the cloud, private cloud, or installed on your own servers, Integrify is designed to simplify the development of online forms, custom workflows, and a simple portal for your employees or customers.

  • Organize forms and processes in a straightforward tree structure.
  • Drag process task elements onto the process canvas to quickly build your process.
  • Generate forms and rapidly deploy them without code.
  • Give users a branded, user-friendly portal to manage all their requests, tasks, and approvals.
  • Configure alerts to ensure timely approvals and ongoing communication.
  • Collaborate and comment within every process.
  • Easily iterate workflows as part of a process improvement project.

Integrify's software has been shown to reduce direct process and workflow costs by more than 30 percent, cut workflow and process management cycle times in half, and deliver positive ROI in less than 3 months.

How does Integrify's Business Process Management software help organizations with the Key BPM Steps?


Create forms, develop business rules, set up information routing, build a branded portal, connect to another BPM system.


Using a visual, drag and drop interface, layout the entire process from end to end and run tests to identify any issues.


Launch your completed process for live testing or to a beta team for addition, live review. Use built-in collaboration tools to capture feedback.


Track KPIs (key performance indicators) generate detailed reports, review audit trails, set up Service Level Agreements.


Adjust the business process based on feedback and performance in real-time.

Quick Reference: Choosing a BPMS Vendor




Is there a need to integrate with a single system, multiple systems, or a homegrown solution?


How long does a typical implementation take, and will it be led by the vendor or an internal team?

Ease of Use

Can business users administer and update the system, or is development/IT needed?


Is the system available in the cloud, on-premise, or self-managed?


How flexible is the solution for customization, for instance, using additional code, changing the configuration, or getting “under the hood?”


Is the pricing based on users, processes, transactions, fixed, or concurrency?


Is this a solution for one department, multiple departments, or organization-wide?

Task Management

Does the system provide robust tools for users when viewing and managing tasks or tracking progress?

File/Document Handling

Can the system include files and documents as part of the process and store them securely?

Number of Processes

Will there be a few complex processes, many simple processes, or a combination of these?

Number if Subprocesses

Will processes require multiple subprocesses (“Child Processes”) to meet requirements?

Use of Business Rules

Will the processes and any associated forms require simple or complex business rules?

Integrify's BPM Software offers:

 Rapid User Adoption. Simply-configured business user interfaces provide users an easy-to-use web-based interface for submitting requests, completing tasks, and tracking process activity.

 Business Process Management Solutions for Business Users. Intuitive GUI-based, drag and drop business process software with process design and forms creation, easy workflow routing definition, and report building without the need for coding.

 Flexible and Robust Software. A service-oriented architecture (SOA) built around REST web services. Run Integrify anywhere and connect to almost anything.

Other BPM Software Providers

The BPM software space is crowded, with a variety of providers offering different solutions. We feel that among BPM Tools, Integrify provides the best combination of power, ease-of-use, and investment return. Here are some other providers in the space:

  • Nintex
  • Bizagi
  • Process Maker
  • Kissflow
  • Appian

Automate Any Business Process

To see how quickly you can begin automating your business processes, check out our 2-minute product video.

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