Litigation Services Workflow

Business Process Management enables you to reduce the cost, time, and labor involved in all aspects of eDiscovery.

By enforcing business rules and controls, you can streamline many manual steps of document intake and processing, creating the ability for review at earlier stages. Automated checks and standard peer review at every stage will ensure compliance to best practices.

The ability to deliver an end-to-end solution through pre-processing, processing, review, and analysis is invaluable. Integrify provides an extensive set of administrative features to coordinate workflow and automate document reviews. Furthermore, Integrify provides visibility to clients along the way, allowing for real-time status updates during the intake and review process. Once the review step is reached, Integrify will make certain that review work is assigned evenly, reviewer pipelines remain full, and monitoring overall progress is easy to accomplish.

Integrify brings simplicity and flexibility to enterprise business process automation software. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduce overhead while improving the range and quality of client services
  • Standardize processes and automate manual operations to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Accelerate new client matter intake and conflict-of-interest reviews
  • Maintain regulatory compliance and automate audit trail capture
  • Identify ways to increase profitability and eliminate waste

Detailed reporting enables visibility on the progress of the entire project combined with the ability to drill into any individual piece. Integrify's audit trail guarantees accountability so you know who did what and when.

With Integrify, law firms and legal service providers can now ensure that controls are enforced and process efficiencies are realized.

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