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Document collection automation software helps you gather content from customers and more.

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Chasing After Documents Is a Waste of Your Time

Document collection from clients can be a huge time suck for any business. Gathering content like documents and other critical information is typically a nightmare of emails and phone calls back and forth until you finally get the documents and information you initially requested. Meanwhile, projects are delayed, and you're stuck making up for lost time. Then you have to manage internal approval processes as well.

What if there was a document collection tool that:

  • Gave your customers an easy way to understand what documents are required and how to provide them.
  • Collected additional information through smart forms?
  • Provided custom triggers, alerts, reminders, and escalations?
  • Transferred all that information to you in a secure, seamless way?
  • Routed all that information for review and approval using your custom business rules.
  • Provided a complete audit trail of all activity you and your clients took.

Document Collection with Integrify

With Integrify, you can build a custom document collection system to deploy for content gathering from your customers, vendors, and partners. Quickly design document requirements and collection forms that allow your customers to follow checklists and attach documents. Deploy these document collection forms on any Web site or use Integrify's built-in self-service portal.

With Integrify, you can create:

  • Client intake forms
  • Contract review processes
  • Vendor and contractor processes
  • Project setup
  • Employee onboarding
  • Anything involving information and document collection

Design Custom Document Collection Forms

With Integrify, you can build custom, web-based document collection forms that meet your unique business needs. Add the questions, labels, and field types you need, and lay out the form however you want. Publish the form to your Web site/client portal or use Integrify's self-service portal with your company branding.

document collection form example
Document Collection Form Example

Build Custom Workflows to Manage Intake

Integrify is much more than a simple document collection tool. You can also design and build automated process workflows to route collected documents and data based on your business rules. Once documents are provided, you can route them and any associated data along parallel or sequential paths, depending on your organizational requirements. For instance, in the example below, we are routing a submitted contract through a series of tasks to determine if a project can be started. First, it must be reviewed by a first-level administrator who will approve it to continue and allow it to pass to the appropriate manager or will place it on hold. Once the appropriate manager receives the contract, they will complete an internal review form and choose from various approval/rejection options.

In addition to routing the received documents, triggers, and notifications are set up along the way.

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