Manage Vaccine Requests with Workflow Automation

Quickly build, customize, and deploy a vaccine registration system for citizens to make requests.

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Are You Prepared to Manage COVID-19 Vaccine Requests?

Managing the influx of requests for COVID-19 vaccinations can be challenging for city and county health departments.

An immunization registration management system with customizable forms and powerful routing workflow automation in place your department can efficiently manage thousands of vaccination requests each day. 

Integrify's request management and workflow automation system is used by a variety of government agencies and municipalities to streamline request and approval workflow. 

How Integrify Can Help

covid-19 immunization vaccine shotsAs the COVID-19 pandemic has taxed local, state, and federal governments, Integrify has stepped in to help health departments bring sophisticated technology and expertise automating their processes in a variety of critical areas.

  • Collect citizen details and ensure complete information is captured.
  • Route vaccination requests based on your department's pre-configured rules.
  • Notify, remind, and escalate requests automatically as needed.
  • Capture a complete audit trail for every request including time and date stamp.
  • Track department and individual vaccination task performance.
  • Integrate with existing department systems and databases.

Vaccination Registration Example

With Integrify you can build and customize your processes and forms to meet compliance needs and ensure citizens have the best possible experience.

Below is one example of a registration process but your forms and processes could look much different.

Request Process

COVID vaccination registration form and process example

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Request Form

COVID vaccination registration form
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