Approval Management

Approval Management Should Be Easier

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Managing approvals can be difficult when it's handled by emails, spreadsheets, paper, or other old-school methods. Emails get missed, spreadsheets are cumbersome, and paper is...well, paper. Yet many businesses still handle approvals with these methods. Approval Management (also known as Approval Management Engines or AME) seeks to replace these tired, manual approval processes with approval workflow automation.

Approval Management


The risk is low when an approval request is for how much to spend on a cake for the next office party. The risk is very high when the approval is for a critical piece of production equipment or a new hire. When does approval management make sense? Any of these situations requires a dedicated approval management system:

  • Risk is significant.
  • Speed is critical.
  • Transparency is required.
  • Approvals may be audited.
  • The approval structure is complex.

Consider Your Current Approval Management "System"

Consider how you currently manage approvals and how it impacts you, your department, and the rest of your organization.

  • Are critical deadlines missed or put in jeopardy because a critical approval is sitting on someone's desk?
  • Do people spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find the status of an approval?
  • Do people even know what the approval process is and who needs to approve various requests?
  • If needed, could you provide a complete audit trail of every approval?
  • Are requests sometimes approved improperly?

Integrify's approval management software provides a system to manage approval workflow transparently, effectively, and accurately. Approval requests are submitted through a self-service portal, routed based on preset business rules and tracked every step of the way. Tracking means submitters can see where approvals are, and auditors can see a complete history of who approved what and when.

Build Your Automated Approval Process with Integrify

Administrators can quickly build approval forms and workflows in a drag-and-drop interface and then make changes as the business changes. Need to assign a stand-in approver in case the main approver is unavailable? No problem. Need to configure alerts to keep an approval request moving forward? It's easy with our drag-and-drop approval process builder.

approval management example - process builder
Create custom approval processes with drag-and-drop ease.

Plus, you don't need to know how to write code to add business logic or design approval matrices to ensure the right person is making decisions at the right time. Integrify is designed to handle any approval process right out of the box.

Managers can check process status anytime using our unique "Flow View" (click for larger).

All-In-One Approval Management Software

Our approval software has everything you could need to manage approval requests for everything from check approvals to leave of absence requests. Here is a list of just some of the approval processes our customers have built with Integrify.

Interested in Automating Your Approval Processes?

We have a variety of resources to help you on your journey to automate approvals.

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