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Managing requests in HR, Finance, Marketing, and many other departments from both internal and external customers can take up an inordinate amount of time and resources. Handling incoming requests puts a significant burden on staff and keeps them from higher-value activities that can help move the business forward.

Request management systems can greatly reduce the burden of:

  • Managing service requests or work requests through email and attachments
  • Creating and updating paper forms or forms created in Word/Excel/etc.
  • Ensure request fulfillment with follow-ups, reminders, and "status check-ins"
  • Manually re-entering information
  • Training and re-training requesters on proper procedures
  • Tracking, auditing, and reporting on staff performance and productivity

Here's how requests management with Integrify works

This is how our request management system collects, tracks and routes individual requests to the proper staff for handling.

  • Requesters access a self-service portal where they can submit new requests, track status, follow-up, and provide feedback to staff handling their requests.
  • Administrators build forms to collect the required information for work or project requests.
  • Administrators create workflow rules and processes that route forms as needed. Processes can be simple, single-threaded flows that go from A to B to C or complex, multi-threaded flows that branch off based on logic. This could be based on role, management level, department, etc.
  • Alerts and reminders can be set up to ensure the request is managed in a timely manner.
  • The requester can track the progress of the request and see who is currently working on it.

How about an example?

Here’s an example of a process designed with Integrify for new hiring requests:

Here's where a manager could start the request:

Here's what the request form looks like:

And here's how the process is set up:

If you’d like to learn more about managing requests for your organization or talk to someone about your request management needs, please request a demo or contact us anytime.

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