sample employee self-help portalSelf-Service for Your Employees is a Game Changer

Employee self-service should provide a consistent, user-friendly Web portal for employees to make requests, manage requests and track request status. On the back-end, administrators in IT, HR, Finance, Operations, etc. should be able to create workflows and rules to automatically route requests based on a variety of factors, fulfill employee requests and analyze performance.

While there are many point solutions that serve the needs of a single department like HR or IT, few provide the ability to automate all departmental request workflows. Integrify was built from the ground up to provide a uniquely customizable platform for rapidly building employee self-service portals and request workflows that match how you already work.

How It Works

Build forms, add workflow rules, post them to the employee portal, now they’re available to everyone.


Employee Self-Service Portal

Our customers use this basic employee request management framework to build a huge variety self-service portals that handle a wide variety of cross-departmental requests:

  • Capital expense requests
  • Contract approvals
  • Leave of absence requests
  • Site selection approvals
  • Pricing discount requests
  • New hire requests
  • Vacation time requests
  • IT project requests
  • Logo and branding approvals
  • New product requests

That’s just to name a few. We don’t force you into a pre-built HR, Finance, Operations or IT solution. You build it to suit or have us build it for you. As long as you’re an Integrify customer you can change the process or improve it anytime.

Want a demo of Integrify? Let us know and we’ll show you how it works.

Benefits to employees

  • The self-service portal is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Accessible from the office, home or mobile devices
  • Easy-to-use, one-stop shopping for all requests
  • Visibility into request status and progress

Benefits to departments

  • Consistent, departmental standards are followed
  • Transaction time and cost greatly decreased
  • Reduction in low-value, transactional tasks
  • Better department/employee and interdepartmental communication
  • Better tracking of performance and reduction in bottlenecks

Benefits to technical teams

  • Low-code environment for rapid workflow rollout
  • Ability to let departments manage their own processes
  • Reusable parts, templates, forms
  • Centralized management of all request/workflow applications
  • Open API for legacy integration

Benefits to executives

  • Better visibility across all processes
  • Ability to find and address performance issues
  • Reduced risk and better standardization across the enterprise
  • Ability to react quickly to organizational change
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