Integrify As Your Intranet?

By Mike Raia Posted March 15, 2019


Integrify is not an Intranet system by design. However, there are aspects of a corporate intranet that can be achieved with Integrify out of the box using dashboards and widgets. Depending on your needs, Integrify can be a replacement for or a supplement to an existing intranet. At a minimum, Integrify's dashboards can act as a front-end for any company or department processes.

In the screenshot below, we'll cover the features and functionality built into Integrify that you can use to create a place for the entire company or a single department to manage tasks, get information, submit requests, and more.

integrify as your intranet

Integrify's Dashboards have easy-to-use panels and widgets that can be configured to show information or provide access to processes. (Click for Larger).

Intranet Features of Integrify

  1. Corporate Branding: Create a welcome message, vision statement, tagline, or even include important announcements.
  2. Quick Access to Processes: Provide users with a collection of the most common processes or requests with one-click access to launch them.
  3. Corporate/Departmental Messages: Give employees information about what's going on in the company, provide links to other internal sites, blogs, information. Embed video messages or training videos.
  4. Task Area: Let users see their open tasks at a glance and take action right from the page.
  5. Latest Requests: Users can see all the requests they've made and the current status.
  6. Morale Boosters: Most messages that tell the story of your company or community.
  7. Access to all Processes: Provide the full list of your processes with easy tree-based navigation to launch the process needed.
  8. Suggestion Box: Create a custom Suggestion Process and then link to it right from the Intranet page.
  9. Employee Profile: Let employees access their personal profile and also assign task delegations.

Other ideas

  • Use the HTML Panel widget to create "mini-Web pages" with news, announcements, an employee of the month profile, etc.
  • Create a panel with links to relevant company Web sites and Web apps.
  • Create sign-up forms for company events, projects, teams.
  • Set up a training request process and let people use it to sign up for training.
  • Create a monthly "tips" video and embed it.
  • Create a "Welcome to (Your Company)" video and embed it.
  • Provide tips for using Integrify.

As you can see, there's a lot you can do with Integrify's dashboards to give employees a great experience. Even if you're using Integrify purely as an employee self-service portal, you can enhance the experience with a variety of helpful tools.

Mike Raia

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