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Customer Success Workshop

New Integrify customers receive a free Success Workshop as part of their onboarding. The Success Workshop is customized for every customer based on their unique needs.

The Success Workshop may include

  • Creating requirements
  • Designing forms
  • Creating processes
  • Building dashboards
  • Creating custom reports

The goal of our Success Workshops is to get your team up and running on Integrify quickly and provide a solid base that your team can build upon.

Success Workshop Examples

  • Build a 10-task purchase order approval process, including a request form and a simple tracking dashboard.
  • Create an entry form with 30 fields, form rules, and the first steps of a more extensive process.
  • Gather requirements for a complex employee onboarding process and provide documentation for the customer to build it.

How it Works

Your Customer Success representative will work with you during onboarding to determine the structure and deliverables of your Success Workshop.

Based on the information discovered during the introductory call, a customized plan of action will be put in place that will set a solid foundation for the swift utilization of Integrify.

For more complex scenarios, you may want to utilize a combination of Success Workshops and Integrify Professional Services or one of our Trusted Partners. This can be discussed with your Customer Success Representative.

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