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ERP Systems Lack Robust Workflow Automation Tools


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Workflow and ERP Systems

Consider all the workflow tasks that take place within and/or adjacent to ERP systems. These workflows might include anything from management approvals to product planning to customer orders. All these processes relate to data stored within an ERP system, but the flow and management of that data can happen anywhere. Some ERP systems include a level of workflow automation out of the box, and in some cases, it's enough to meet the minimum needs of an organization. However, some ERP administrators feel trapped by these tools since they are built with minimal functionality and can't handle more custom, complex types of workflows.

A solution to this limited ERP workflow functionality is to use a workflow automation solution that operates independently of the ERP but can integrate with it as needed. This combines the robust workflow engine of a native workflow solution with the backend power of an ERP system. The ERP remains the database of record while the independent workflow system transports data and connects people regardless of the process complexity needed.

The Dynamic Duo

Workflow automation solutions, coupled with an ERP system can provide the ability to:

  • Create single, group or multi-tiered approvals
  • Run parallel or sequential flows
  • Set up reminders, customizable notifications, and time-outs
  • Allow users to track task progress
  • Create KPI dashboards and reports to check the performance
  • Provide a complete, time-stamped audit trail of all activities
  • Design dynamic forms with logic
  • Use flexible, multi-column layouts incorporating CSS

When workflow automation is integrated with your ERP system, you'll find ERP data to be more accurate and related tasks performed in a more timely manner. In addition, you'll have a complete audit trail of all activities performed.

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