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Workflow Software As a Service (SaaS): All the Functionality and Security without All the Maintenance

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Move Your Workflow to the Cloud with SaaS

Integrify's award-winning workflow SaaS platform is available in a secure, scalable cloud. Our platform provides you with the full functionality of a state-of-the-art workflow automation platform without needing to install and maintain software.

You can eliminate the overhead of managing an on-premise server infrastructure when implementing a business process and workflow management solution.

With no setup fee, our cloud-based software features low-cost subscription-based pricing and allows you to manage unlimited processes from anywhere at any time.  All software, updates, and infrastructure will be hosted in a secure and reliable environment with guaranteed uptime using Amazon AWS, the premier provider of cloud-hosted software. This means everything will be managed without going on-site, freeing up time and resources to focus on your business. That's the power of a cloud-hosted solution.

Why Are Companies Switching to Cloud-Based Workflow?

Enterprise organizations and small businesses leverage the technologies built by Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and more. These scalable, secure, cloud-based platforms allow software vendors to deliver high-performing SaaS tools from CRM to ERP to Document Management. Now, workflow and process automation tools have taken off as companies realize they can offload all the maintenance from their on-premise, server-based workflow tools to these trusted environments.

Cloud-based workflow systems provide a wide range of benefits compared to those hosted on a server. They can be utilized from any location, and their capacity can be adjusted to fit the needs of a business. Furthermore, they are more secure and reliable as they are held in secure cloud settings. They are usually much cheaper than on-site solutions. This is because there is no need for additional infrastructure or maintenance costs. Cloud-based workflow tools offer many advantages. They can help streamline operations and reduce costs. This makes them a desirable choice for organizations.

Why are many companies moving workflow and process management to a SaaS architecture?

  • Less expensive to manage and operate.
  • Improves collaboration for remote, geographically dispersed teams.
  • Universally accessible for all employees on any device.
  • Gives organizations access to the latest technology and improvements.

Manage Workflow Efficiently with Nothing to Install

cloud-based business process automation

With Integrify's SaaS-based workflow, you can document, automate, and monitor all your workflows with or without your IT team.


Use drag-and-drop tools to lay out your processes visually and reach a consensus with stakeholders on who, what, when, and where.


Test and then activate your process into a live workflow with task assignments, business rules, alerts, escalations, and integrations.


Build custom reports and dashboards that reveal bottlenecks and measure KPIs/performance.

We give you the BPM tools to put a manual process in the cloud, accessible to the entire organization or just one department. Imagine the productivity gains when employees can access their tasks, complete forms, and track progress from anywhere (and any device), 24/7, on our SaaS platform.

Integrify Workflow Automation Explained

Benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service)

  • Lower Starting Costs
    There are no large initial license fees. You pay for a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription.
  • Faster ROI
    No setup means you begin realizing the efficiency and accuracy savings right away.
  • Faster Adoption
    With the software available 24/7 from anywhere and any device, users are more likely to learn and use saas workflow software
  • Managed Security
    Leverage the depth and experience of Amazon's highly secure SaaS infrastructure and our experienced security team.
  • Automatic Upgrades
    New features, enhancements, and improvements are there when you log in. No downloads or installation is needed.
  • Easier Integration
    Integrate with various other Web-based enterprise applications through our secure API.
  • Full Scalability
    Complete flexibility for expansion. Add new users and additional capacity quickly and seamlessly.
  • Trial/Proof of Concept
    Not sure if you're ready to jump in? Get access to a trial or have us build a fully working proof of concept of one of your processes.

Cloud Security You Can Trust

With Amazon AWS and our commitment to security, you can be sure your data and information are safe. We work with companies in highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, finance, insurance, and government, which means we must be uncompromising in our dedication to a secure infrastructure. You can read more about our security architecture and policies in our Security Overview.

With a workflow SaaS platform like Integrify, you can count on scalability, security, and flexibility.

Interested in Moving Your Workflow to the Cloud?

We have various resources to help you journey to an automated workflow SaaS platform. 

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