Automate Approvals

Automate approvals to improve turnaround time, accuracy, and compliance.

approval automation

With Integrify, any department can automate approvals—fast.

Integrify is approval software that helps organizations reduce costs and improve employee satisfaction by providing approval process design, workflow automation, and process visibility. It streamlines the approval process for all business areas, including IT, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and other departments.

With Integrify, you have the power to automate approvals in a flexible and scalable way. Designing an approval workflow is a matter of drag and drop, with an intuitive user interface that can be customized to any organization or department's needs. Users can monitor all requests and approvals in real time. The platform allows users to create automated reminders, reduce manual paperwork, and streamline approval workflow. Additionally, approval workflows can integrate with your company's systems, including SalesForce, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

What Do We Mean by Approval Automation?

Every company has approval processes. Usually, a form gets completed and sent to a series of approvers for sign-off. Typically, these processes involve a lot of emails, spreadsheets, and, sometimes, paper. This happens even at large, global companies depending on their technology maturation.

When we talk about "automating" this process, forms become digital, routing happens based on preset business rules, reminders and escalations trigger as needed. The entire process is online and available 24X7.

Approval Automation Examples

Because Integrify is a platform rather than a point solution for a particular type of approval, users are not limited to specific types of department approvals. For instance, this is a short list of some of the approval workflows that our customers have created:

As you can see, these examples run the gamut from HR to Finance, to Product, and beyond.

Automate Approvals Visually!

automate approvals with drag and drop visual interface

Creating a custom approval process in Integrify means dragging "Tasks" out onto the work area and then connecting them in the order needed. Tasks can be forms, actions, integrations, notifications, and more. In some cases, one approval process might kick off another that runs in parallel. We call these "Child Processes."

Once the tasks are laid out, they are assigned to the best person or group to handle them. That's right; you can give a task to a group where everyone has to take action before it is complete or just whoever gets to it first. It's like a turbocharged group mailbox.

Create Tiered Approvals

Many organizational processes involve more than one tier of reviewer/approver. Most customers we work with need a tiered approval process that routes a form or document past an escalating number of people. This means that we can use business logic at each approval step to determine who the next approver should be. These tiered approvals might be based on the type of approval, the person/office requesting it, the dollar amount, or anything else related to the request.

In addition to tiered approvals, we can treat groups as approvers and set up a few different scenarios:

  • First one to approve.
  • A percentage of approvers.
  • All must approve.

But wait! there's more!

  • Collaborate on process design with notes and comments
  • Copy, export, and version approval processes
  • Create single, group, or multi-tiered approvals
  • Excel Import/Batch
  • Manage exceptions and routing with business rules
  • Push and pull data with external databases
  • Set up reminders, customizable notifications, and time-outs
  • Test run processes for quality control

Design User-Friendly, Dynamic Approval Forms

approval form designer

Most approvals start with an approval form. In the old days, these were created in Word and printed or emailed around. Then people started using Excel instead of Word. Now many companies have Excel forms littering their shared drives or Sharepoint.

Integrify lets you design digital forms available on a self-service portal for users 24X7. No hunting around or hoping they use the correct version. But that's just the start. These digital forms are smart and can:

  • Dynamically change based on user input—show or hide fields or entire sections of your form
  • Prefill data from the user's account or via Active Directory
  • Populate dropdown selection fields from a table, database, or enterprise system
  • Use CSS and javascript to customize your forms to brand standards
  • Attach files and documents
  • Generate PDFs using templates and form data

Create Your Own Service Portal

approval dashboard

A streamlined service portal makes finding self-service tools easier and navigating the interface a breeze. Reduce training time and provide employees with a better experience making requests, submitting forms, and tracking progress. Provide power, simplicity, and unified employee and customer experiences across platforms and device sizes.

Portal users can request approvals and track statuses while approvers can complete tasks and designate alternate approvers. Managers can track everything from the number of requests to the performance of the processes using reports and KPIs within their custom dashboards.

  • Assign roles and permissions for users and groups.
  • Build custom dashboards to find information and make requests quickly.
  • Give users visibility into a task and request status and next steps.
  • Help Service support users across the organization.
  • Help users find the answer they need and resolve their issues more quickly.
  • Provide a responsive, always-available, branded self-service portal for internal and external users.
  • Provide collaboration tools for active processes.

Frequently-Asked Questions

What are "approval flows?"

An approval flow is simply the series of tasks that must be completed for a given approval process. For instance, a form must be submitted, approval must be provided, and the form data must be pushed to your HRIS system. This is the flow of the approval. There could be multiple tiers of approvals and exceptions to be handled, but they all become part of the flow.

How do you create an approval?

We have a great article about how approval processes are created on our blog; take a look!

Can you integrate approvals with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Integrify has an open, REST-based API integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and many other enterprise products.

How is Integrify different than Microsoft Power Automate?

Integrify is not part of the Microsoft ecosystem, rather it is a system-agnostic platform that can integrate with a variety of systems. Integrify has been designed for over 20 years to meet the complex needs of its customers. In contrast, Microsoft Power Automate is a newer product that focuses on straightforward approvals and relies heavily on the Microsoft ecosystem.

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