Workflow for Healthcare

How can workflow automation help healthcare organizations?

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Helping Healthcare Providers Run More Efficiently

Workflow for healthcare, whether it's at a large pharmaceutical company, hospital system, or a small medical equipment manufacturer, requires accuracy and accountability. Automated workflow technology for healthcare provides better internal controls and improved efficiency leading to better customer service, shorter product cycle times and reliable audit trails.

In a highly-regulated industry, complete data visibility for both internal stakeholders and external agencies can save countless hours and dollars in regulatory compliance activity. Workflow automation can help healthcare organizations:

  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Improve the workflow of approvals and documentation
  • Provide workflow interoperability with other systems
  • Reduce go-to-market cycles
  • Improve internal audit controls
  • Eliminate redundancies and consolidate internal services
  • Route documentation and information securely for approval
  • Standardize employee hiring and onboarding

Managing Operations Across the Organization from One Place

In addition to the myriad healthcare-specific workflows that can be built in Integrify, healthcare companies need the same automated processes as other organizations including processes for Finance, HR, IT, Operations, Marketing and Customer Service. Because Integrify is use case agnostic, customers are free to build any kind of automated workflows needed including:

  • Employee Request Forms
  • Financial Approvals
  • Requests for Marketing Materials
  • IT Support Tickets
  • Security Requests and Approvals
  • Issue Reporting

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 Case Studies


Customer Quote

“Integrify allows us to move a few thousand feet above the day-to-day. The system automates the day-to-day so we can focus on improving service management.”

– Neil Weitz, Director of IT, GlaxoSmithKline

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Some of Our Healthcare Workflow Customers

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 We Understand Workflow for Healthcare

We got our start in healthcare over ten years ago. It's a unique industry with challenges, regulations and complexity not seen in other industries and we thrive in it. Our experienced service and support team can ensure your workflow project is successful, on time and on budget.

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