Project Intake Process

Automate project intake for compliance and efficiency

project intake process workflow

The project intake process for PMO (project management offices) or project managers can become a bottleneck as demands exceed project resources. The issue is compounded when the intake process itself is poorly managed or using manual methods like email.

Instead, give project requesters a consistent, user-friendly interface and smart project intake forms to make project requests and track the whole project intake process. At the same time, give PMOs or project managers a way to receive consistent, compliant project request information that's clear and actionable and an effective project approval system to reduce risk and improve efficiency.

  • Build dynamic project intake forms to capture only the relevant, project-specific data needed.
  • Pre-fill known information to reduce form friction and provide a better user experience.
  • Route project requests based on user, department, project type, or any other information captured in project intake forms.
  • Trigger alerts, including emails or text messages to inform approvers or other stakeholders to take action.
  • Integrate the project intake workflow with your project management tool of choice to kick off the project with all critical information.
  • Include change control workflow for existing projects that follow their own unique workflow.

Why Use Smart Project Intake Forms?

A simple reality of business is that one of the most common sources of errors, delays, and incorrect data is the tried and true bugbear of projects everywhere: human error. Employees are mortal, after all, and even the most practiced member of your team can always click the wrong cell on a spreadsheet when they copy/paste. 

When manual errors are made during the project intake process, they may not be noticed at first, which means errors can compound, until fixing the problem takes time, effort, and money from your team. Talk about a pain in the neck!

With smart project intake forms, you can ensure that data is integrated into the project seamlessly and automatically, minimizing the risk of human error as part of the project intake process.

Automating the Project Intake Process with Integrify

project intake and setup processIntegrify's workflow management system gives you the tools you need to build a custom project intake process:

  • A drag and drop project intake form designer with advanced tools like show/hide logic, pre-fills, and reusable form snippets.
  • A robust, drag and drop workflow builder that allows you to route requests, trigger alerts, and escalations, include child processes, and more.
  • A branded self-service portal where users can submit and track all their project requests.
  • Reporting and dashboards that help you identify bottlenecks, measure volume, and track against service level agreements.
  • Integration with project management tools, databases, and other enterprise applications.

Because Integrify is a platform rather than a point solution, you can use it for ANY kind of project request whether the project is for new software or construction of a new building. Integrify clients have built project request processes across all industries and departments.

Integrify can also manage any other request intake your department or organization needs since all elements are customizable from the intake portal to the forms and routing.


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