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IT Service departments are the nervous system of an organization's operations. These days, IT touches nearly every aspect of business operations, from sales to marketing to finance and HR. That means IT teams are stretched more than ever with higher and higher expectations. One way to combat the onslaught is by becoming more efficient at managing the incoming work and requests with Workflow for IT Services.

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Integrify is a low-code workflow management and automation platform that allows IT departments to build simple or sophisticated automated workflow systems that can handle almost any IT business process. Integrify allows IT administrators to design and build workflow solutions for submitting requests, gathering approvals, routing information, triggering alerts, and more.

IT Workflow Process

On the front-end, employees have access to a streamlined portal for submitting forms, tracking progress, and communicating with each other. On the backend, IT administrators can add new workflows easily and integrate with existing systems to push and pull information as needed. Even sync Integrify with Active Directory to make user management even easier (available only with on-premise or private cloud instances).

Workflow for IT Services Examples:


Customer Quote

“The widespread adoption of this system went much faster than we expected. What we did was give employees an automated approval and notification process replacing the manual gathering of approvals for IT services, saving the business units time and money, and we’ve been able to make that available to many more employees in a very short amount of time.”

– Neil Weitz, Director of IT Help at GlaxoSmithKline.

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IT Process Examples

Get an in-depth look at some of our IT services solutions:

Illustrated Example: IT User Access Request

We offer a pre-built Process App for User Access Requests, which you can see here: User Access Process App.

The process is shown below. Our process app includes all the forms and routing, which you can customize for your needs.

Example of an IT workflow for user access requests.

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This guide provides insights on Workflow Automation from an IT perspective including examples and case studies.

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